July 18, 2019
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Bepanah Pyaar 9th July 2019 Written Update: Priya attempts suicide| Pragati runs to save her

Today’s episode opens with Raghbir saying dead body walks nowadays. Pragati gets shocked seeing Shanti. She says how come she is alive. Shanti says she never met not she talked with her.

Aditi and everyone discuss how they fooled Pragati. Gopi praises Aditi for her smart act. Aditi says she has seen Pragati leaving the function and going upstairs thus she thought to plan against her. She tells everyone about the flashback.
Aditi says from now Raghbir will never believe Pragati.

Pragati cries and hugs Raghbir. Raghbir asks her to tell him what she wants to say. Pragati recalls Prashant’s word and says she was just scared. Harshit and Tina over hear their talk and thinks to stop Pragati to scoop the truth.

Priya calls Akshay and scolds him for not receiving the call. She says her marriage is on cards what he is planning to do. Akshay says he will do something and hangs up the call.

Pragati comes and ask Raghbir not to drink alcohol today, as it is Priya’s marriage today. Pragati and Raghbir cutely talks to each other. Raghbir sleeps while talking with her.

Pragati too sleeps sitting beside him. She wakes up and makes Raghbir to sleep properly. Pragati thinks to find Bani’s murderer asap.

Raghbir wakes up and sees Pragati sleeping on his bed. She wakes up too. Raghbir goes to take alcohol. Pragati ask him not to drink today for Priya’s sake.

Raghbir and Pragati decorate the hall. Everyone gets shocked seeing Raghbir’s cool behavior. Flower basket falls on Pragati. Raghbir helps her and takes out the flowers from her head.

Shefali by mistake fall Priya’s mobile in water. Priya yells at Shefali. Everyone prepares for Priya’s marriage. Pragati sees Shanti going outside. She follows her. Raghbir asks for Pragati. Aditi says she don’t know.

Groom family comes. Shalu welcomes Dev by performing the ritual. Dev returns the property to Devraj. Everyone gets happy hearing him. Raghbir praises Dev.

Shalu comes to take Priya and don’t find her in the room. She searches for Priya. Aditi too searches for Priya. They all get tensed.

Pragati sees Priya running. She holds her. Priya ask her to stay away from her. Groom’s family asks them to bring Priya. Pragati runs behind Priya.

Pragati sees Priya attempting suicide by jumping in lake. She asks her not to jump. Priya cries and jumps. Pragati gets shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Pragati’s father says to her that she has started loving Raghbir. Otherside, Raghbir and his family sees someone’s shadow.

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