Bepanah Pyaar 9th October 2019 Written Update: Ragbir’s care for Pragati’s father and Priya’s Roka ceremony

The episode starts with Ragbir teasing Pragati and Pragati’s father. Ragbir gets Badi maa call who enquires about Pragati’s father health. He says that he’s fine. She informs him about Priya’s roka and Ragbir gets surprised. Badi maa reasons that Pandit says that the auspicious time is today and is conducting roka the next day . She says that she’ll get it postponed but Ragbir decides against it. Pragati’s father speaks with Badi maa and says that he will send them but Badi maa denies and asks them to stay with them. She cuts the call and Aditi gets irked with Ragbir staying there. She once again expresses her hatred for Pragati. Devraj reasons that Ragbir and Pragati are needed to take care of her father but Aditi remains unconvinced. Badi maa asks them to stop the discussion.

Ragbir helps Pragati with her work and gets romantic with her too. He takes immense care of her father and Pragati feels overwhelmed.

Shalu asks Aditi about which saree she should gift Dev family. Aditi taunts her for taking her help as their favorite Pragati is not here. Priya comes there and supports Pragati irking Aditi. She reasons about Pragati’s absence but Aditi remains unconvinced. Badi maa sees this and offers to help Shalu and asks her to not disturb Aditi.

Ragbir and Pragati m’s father share a beautiful bond and Pragati gets happy seeing it. She watches Ragbir taking care of her father. Her father also expresses his happiness over Ragbir being her husband.

Everyone is busy with the ceremony preparations. Priya misses Ragbir and Pragati and they make their entry. She gets happy. Aditi taunts Pragati for being late but gets irked when she gets to know that most of the works of the ceremony are already took care of Pragati even without being present. She leaves fuming. Everyone leaves for their work.

Ragbir enters  the room to find alk the men of the household lying applying face pack on their face. Priya asks him to apply too but Ragbir dodges it. Priya begs for him to apply but he kept denying. However Pragati makes a quick move and applies the haldi on his face. He fumes at her but later gives in tl Priya’s demands and gets the haldi applied.

Aditi fumes in her room over her insults and decides to avenge it to make it equal. She calls someone. In the meantime Hritesh ti gets a call from his ally and they discuss about their next move.

Ragbir calls Pragati and Pragati laughs seeing his face. She helps him wash his face. They both share a romantic eyelock.

Precap : the ally of Hritesh gets revealed to be Badi maa. Pragati gets shocked seeing it.