Bepanah Pyaar: Aditi bashes Pragati, calls her inauspicious

A lot of drama is going on in the Colors Tv popular show BepanahPyaar which has always managed to keep the audience engaged with its twists and turns. Fans enjoyed the recent episodes in which they could see some romantic moments between Raghbir and Pragati while they were leaving for a conference in Chandigharh. However the quality time that the couple was having was interrupted by Sahas who pretended to be ill and managed to emotionally blackmail Pragati who asked Raghbir to go to the conference alone while she went back home to take care of Sahas. Raghbir obviously didn’t like this.

In the upcoming episode Aditi is going to bash Pragati a lot. Aditi will shout at Pragati asking her how she dared to touch her bridal dress with her inauspicious hands. She will say that Pragati’s marriage is already ruined and forbid her from touching the bridal dress and let her marriage stay undisturbed. Raghbir will witness all this. Aditi will order Pragati, who will be clearly hurt, not to attend the pooja if she still has some self-respect left. Later the panditji will forbitAditi from sitting in the pooja with Devraj as the latter’s first wife Kunti shall sit there.

Will Raghbir take a stand for Pragati and go against his foster mother or will he stay silent? Will Aditi blame Pragati again for what is going to happen in the pooja? Will this drama increase the distance and the misunderstandings between Raghbir and Pragati now that they were finally coming closer?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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