Bepanah Pyaar: More misunderstandings on the way for Raghbir and Pragati I

In the recent episodes of BepanahPyaarPragati was about to get shot by Kunti’s assailant but Raghbir saved her coming in front of her. Pragati was touched by this and finally she and Raghbir had come closer to each other. Pragati wanted to clear all the misunderstandings between them and remove the distance that keeps them separated so she asked him to go to a dinner date with her and he had also agreed. Both of them were really happy and excited. However Sahas, who has been revealed to be madly in love with Pragati, is jealous of their growing closeness and, having overheard their conversation, plans to ruin their date along Kunti and Harshit.

In the upcoming episode Pragati will be seen waiting for Raghbir to come but in vain. Sahas will tell Pragati that Raghbir has gone for a meeting with Harshit in a five continental hotel and he thought that she will be getting worried unnecessarily so he came to inform her that Raghbir won’t be able to come for their date. Pragati will be disappointed and will say that Raghbir could have informed her himself. Later she will go to the room and will get shocked to see Raghbir lying on the bed with two girls in his embrace. This will create another misunderstanding between Pragati and Raghbir as the latter had been intoxicated by Harshit who had mixed something in his drink. Raghbir will be unconscious and unaware of everything but Pragati, who was finally happy for their reconciliation, will be left once again heartbroken.

Will Pragati have faith on Raghbir or will she doubt him? Will this misunderstanding put a halt on their growing closeness? Stay tuned to know the latest update about the show.