Bepanah Pyaar: Pragati struggles to save herself from goons!

Pragati’s life is again in danger.
So far in the episodes, it is seen, Raghbir yells at Pragati for touching Bani’s bracelet with giving her time to explain. Furious Pragati left Raghbir’s house and goes back to her father.
Here, Kunti cries thinking she created the mess and another side, Pragati’s father makes her understand that Raghbir still loves Bani, which is a good sign. Further, Pragati’s father, kunti, Priya, Shefali and Nakul team up to make Raghbir and Pragati realize that they can’t live without each other.

Raghbir and Pragati miss each other but gets adamant not to bend. Later, Kunti reveals to Raghbir that Pragati didn’t do anything. She tells him that it was she who was insisting Pragati to wear the bangle but Pragati denied. She further, tells to Raghbir that Pragati Said to her till Raghbir will not accept her she won’t wear this bangle. Raghbir realizes his mistake and rushes to meet Pragati. There, Pragati misses Raghbir and decides to go back to Raghbir.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, on the way to Raghbir’s house goons will attack Pragati.
Pragati’s father makes her understand that she loves Raghbir. Later, things will take a serious turn when few goons attack Pragati and leave her for dead. Raghbir will witness Pragati lying lifeless and will be shocked. Do Raghbir will be able to save Pragati this time or she will die? Do Harshit is behind all the mess? Do Pragati will ever learn Harshit’s intention? What next will happen in the show will be interesting to watch. For all the answers keep watching the show Bepanah Pyaar, Mon-Fri on Colors TV.
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