Bepanah Pyaar: Preview 25th July 2019| Pragati close to find the truth!

In the last night episode we have seen Raghbir takes care of Pragati after she falls ill.

Pragati recalls Raghbir’s words, thinks he can’t be Bani’s culprit, and keeps a good heart. She falls ill and Raghbir scolds her for not taking care of her. Raghbir makes her feel comfortable and feeds her the soup.

Pragati falls while sleeping and Raghbir catches her. He makes her sleep against his chest and the duo spends the night together. In the morning Raghbir wakes up and sees Pragati sleeping close to him. He takes off hair from her face and smiles. Pragati wakes up too and sees Raghbir close to her.

Later, Raghbir recalls his moments with Pragati and parallely thinks of Bani too. He talks seeing Bani’s photo and misses her. He says Pragati understands him but she can’t replace her in his life. Pragati overhears his talk from far.

Otherside, Prashant loosen the seal of the basement door and informs Pragati that she can easily go and come back and no one will get to know about it.

Tonight will see, after Prashant will unlock the basement door Pragati will go inside the room to open the cupboard. However, she realizes that she is not alone and senses that someone is following her. No sooner she will turn back the mask person will close the basement room from outside.

Who is the mask person Raghbir or someone else? If not kunti and Aditi than where is Raghbir’s real mother? To know all the answers keep watching Bepanah Pyaar as some more interesting twists and turns on the way with Bani returning back to take her revenge from her murderer. Show telecasts at 10 PM on colors TV.

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