Bepanah Pyaar Preview 8th August 2019: Raghbir feels for Pragati

In the tonight episode of Bepanah Pyaar will see, Raghbir and Pragati will share a moment.

If you follow the show than you must be well aware of the current track of the show. Pragati discloses the truth that she is Bani and came back into Raghbir’s life to take her revenge.

Pragati decides to expose Raghbir at the press conference but her plan flopped. Meanwhile, Shalu successfully takes Pragati’s blood sample. Pragati gets to know and worries. She thinks her identity can’t come in front of Malhotra’s. She too goes to the hospital behind Shalu to take the reports before her. otherside, Raghbir too visits the same hospital to enquire about Kunti’s deteriorating health.

Here, Devraj will tell Pragati about Raghbir’s childhood. Harshit too will join them and tell Pragati about Raghbir’s childhood love story. Pragati enjoys. Raghbir too will reveal Harshit’s secret.

Tina will come and will ask about ice-cream. She will get angry on Harshit hearing Raghbir’s word.

Pragati will ask Raghbir to come with her to bring ice-cream, as he upset Tina. Devraj will send Raghbir and Pragati to bring ice-cream.

Raghbir and Pragati do argument while searching for ice-cream shop.

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