Bepanah Pyaar: Raghbir accidently fills Pragati’s forehead

Colors TV show Bepanah Pyaar seems to be another supernatural show with Bani’s spirit that roams around the house.

There is huge mystery behind Raghbir’s past which is yet to be unfolded in the episodes. But so far Pragati and Raghbir’s ends up marrying and Raghbir is thinking that Pragati will leave in few days.

So far in the episodes, Pragati ask room from Raghbir to spend night. He tells her the direction and goes. Pragati goes inside a dark room. She recalls Raghbir’s words and opens a door. Pragati sleeps and someone marches towards her room. Wind blows, Saree woman comes inside and touches Pragati’s hand. She wakes up and asks who is there?

Later, at breakfast everyone discuses about Pragati. Aditi taunts Pragati. Pragati ask do she should prepare something for all. Aditi again taunts her. Raghbir’s grandmother asks her to sit. Raghbir’s father says things will change from now.

Raghbir’s grandmother says to Pragati that don’t believe the members of this house. Each carries double face. Pragati looks at her blankly. Pragati looks for Raghbir.

Otherside, Aditi and Raghbir father does argument while discussing about Raghbir’s past. Aditi says she fears the girl will bring the past in front of all. She says if this will happen then they will also not be spared. She shares her worry and thinks, what will happen when Pragiti will learn the truth and will bring Raghbir’s past. They both feels someone’s’ presence around them.

Now in the upcoming sequence will see, Sukanya will gear up to take her revenge again.

Sukanya thinks of how to get back at Pragati. Meanwhile, a minor accident causes Raghbir to smear his blood on Pragati’s forehead.

What next happens is Bepanah Pyaar will be interesting to watch. What is mysterious about Bani’s death incident, well to know more keep watching the show

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