Bepanah Pyaar: Raghbir recalls his first meeting with Bani

Next in Colors TV Bepanah Pyaar, Sukanya’s father will threaten Raghbir to marry his daughter else he will put him in jail.

Raghbir and Pragati go to meet Sukanya. Raghbir ask Pragati to hide outside the window. Raghbir waits for Sukanya in her room. Sukanay comes and taunts him that why he is playing games. Why he came here to meet her alone when refused to accept her in front of all. Raghbir ask her to shut up and tell why she is framing him.

Sukanya later, ask him to go in flashback and recall how she helped him to come out from Bani’s memory. She asks him why he is lying in front of all.

Sukanya says don’t he remember how she used to take care of him and was always there with him. Raghbir gets angry and ask her to stop lying, as her remembers nothing. Raghbir goes from there.

Now in the upcoming episode, Raghbir’s brother will tell him not to mess with Singhania, as he is a powerful man and will destroy them. Singhania will say to Devraj that Raghbir has made much fun of his daughter but now he has marry her or go to the jail. Sukanya will smile and smirk looking at him.

Otherside, Raghbir will recollect the first time he met Bani, fell in love with her and how he persisted at making her fell the same towards him. He will look at her bracelet and will miss Bani. He will recall his moments with Bani.

Who is lying Raghbir or Sukanya? to find out more keep watching Bepanah Pyaar mon-fri, Colors TV.

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