Bepanah Pyaar: Raghbir Slaps Harshit

In the recent episodes of BepanahPyaar it has been revealed that Sahas is madly in love with Pragati and wants to separate her from Raghbir. Sahas, Harshit and Kunti planned to create misunderstandings between the couple by making Raghbir unconscious and paying two girls to lie in bed with him in a hotel. When Pragati reached there she was heartbroken to see the scenario in front of her eyes.

Later Raghbir found the girl who confessed that Harshit gave them money for this work and it is also revealed that Bani was just pretending to not trust Raghbir to encourage him to find the truth.

Pragati told Raghbir that she has no doubt on him and knows that he cannot betray her ever. They also shared a warm hug. Meanwhile Sahas, Harshit and Kunti are unaware of all this and think that their plan got successful.

In the upcoming episode Pragati will be seen warningHarshit to not say anything against Raghbir. She will say that there can be distance between her husband and her but there is also a lot of unconditional love and trust.

Harshit will grab her hand and shout that she is the reason of all the problems and that she must have died after falling in the valley. At this point Raghbir will ask him to leave Pragati’s hand and then slap Harshit hard in front of everybody making the whole family stand up shocked.

Finally Raghbir and Pragati seem to have cleared all their misunderstandings and got closer but there are a lot of obstacles on their way.

How will Harshit react to the slap and what will Sahas do to get Pragati after knowing that he couldn’t separate Raghbir and her.

Stay tuned to know.