Bepanah Pyaar: Raghbir waits for Bani to celebrate her birthday!

Colors TV drama Bepanah Pyaar will witness dramatic twist with Raghbir doing arrangements for Bani’s birthday and here Pragati decides to help Raghbir.

Raghbir gets violent seeing doctor and grabs his collar. Harshit tries to calm him down, Raghbir holds him too. Pragati interrupts them Raghbir leaves the place.

Otherside, Raghbir’s aunt tells Aditi and Raghbir’s father about the incident that took place at Raghbir’s room. She says Pragati is controlling Raghbir. Raghbir aunt says Pragati has started feeling someone’s presence in the house. She tells how she diverted her mind when Pragati was discussing about the unknown woman to Biji. Everyone gets worried thinking what will happen if Pragati will come to know what happened with Bani in the past.

Here, Pragati ask doctor to tell her the way to cure Raghbir. Doctor says to her that she has to turn Bani, if she wants to help Raghbir. Pragati gets ready to become Bani.

Further, Raghbir is all set to celebrate Bani’s birthday. Some guests come to his house to see Priya. They see the arrangements and ask what for the celebration is. Raghbir tells them that today is Bani’s birthday. He shows them doll house that he made for the Bani. Akshay’s mother say but Bani is dead. Raghbir angrily looks at her. He says how they dare speak like that for his wife. He holds Akshay’s father collar and throws them out.

In the upcoming episode, Priya will give Bani’s saree to Pragati and will decide to help Pragati for Raghbir’s sake. Meanwhile, Raghbir waits to give Bani a birthday surprise.

How Raghbir will react seeing Pragati as Bani, will be interesting to watch. Keep watching Bepanah Pyaar.

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