Bepanah Pyaar: Sukanya loses her cool after Raghbir and Pragati gets married

Drama is high in Ekta Kapoor’s Bepanah Pyaar.

Last we reported, Pragati unveils Sanket’s uncle who comes to marry her. Prashant locks her in the room and later she gets to know a Sukanya’s truth and gears up to save Raghbir.

Sukanya runs to wedding venue and locks Sukanya in washroom. Here, Raghbir imagines Bani instead of Sukanya and happily decides to marry her.

Meanwhile, Sukanya recalls the past and thinks how her revenge will be completed today. Ragbhir in flashback has insulted Sukanya thus she decides that one day she will marry him. Sukanya gets happy thinking she won. Someone locks the door and she shouts to open the door.

Otherside, Raghbir gets to know that Pragati is sitting next to him. Police comes at the same time Ragbhir takes pheras with Pragati. Everyone gets shocked seeing Pragati at the mandap.

In the upcoming episodes, will see Sukanya will blast at Pragati for cheating her. Pragati will try to bring Sukanya’s truth in front of everyone but she will fail her plan. Raghbir will imagine only Bani at Pragati’s place. Later, Sukanya will scream loud that Raghbir can’t cheat her. He has to marry her. She will get angry on Pragati and will decide to give it back to her.

There, Pragati father will scold her for taking such a big step without thinking. Pragati will try to convince her father as why she has done all these.

How the love story Pragati and Raghbir will start will be interesting to watch. Keep watching Bepanah Pyaar mon-fri on Colors TV.

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