Bepanah Pyaar 19th June 2019 Written Update : Raghbir gets excited to celebrate Bani’s birthday!

Episode today opens with Raghbir hitting doctor. Harshit yells at him that Bani is dead, Raghbir grabs his collar. Doctor asks Raghbir to calm down. Raghbir ask doctor to leave. Pragati interrupts them Raghbir leaves the place. Raghbir’s aunt asks to shut the door and tells Aditi and Raghbir’s father about the incident that took place. She says Pragati is controlling Raghbir. Aditi says she can’t believe this. Light fluctuates again while they were talking. Raghbir aunt says Pragati has started feeling someone’s presence in the house. She tells in flashback how she diverted her mind when Pragati was discussing about the unknown woman to Biji.

Raghbir’s father ask them to think positive as Raghbir is changing. Raghbir’s uncle says he is not understanding the more Pragati will be with Raghbir the chances will go high for she learing his past. Aditi says what if Pragati will come to know what happened with Bani in the house.

Pragati runs to doctor and stops him. Doctor ask her if she is Raghbir’s wife then he can help her to get divorce. Pragati thinks about her father’s word and ask him to tell her the way to cure Raghbir. Doctor asks her to become Bani. Pragati gets shocked.

Raghbir closes the door of his room and Harshit stops him from drinking. They did argument. Harshit gets irked. He says we care for you that why we are concern about him. Raghbir says all sees their benefit and always take him to the mandap. He says they ditched him by get him married but he won’t accept anyone other than Bani because he has given all the promise to her. Aditi comes and sees the broken bottle and ask why they are making noise her sleep is getting disturbed. Raghbir taunts and leaves the place.

Pragati ask doctor what does he mean she has to become Bani. Doctor explains her that it is a kind of experiment. He tells her what she has to do. Pragati hears him and ask with this Raghbir will be fine or not. Doctor says he can’t say but they can try. Paragti recalls Biji’s words. She says she is ready to become Bani. Doctor goes.

Priya mother tries wears for her. Her father comes and asks did she know Akshay. Priya lies to him. They praise Priya. Priya gets tensed. She excused herself and goes away.

Drunk Raghbir talks to himself. He says today is Bani’s birthday he needs to do arrangements for her and looks for the stuff.

Akshay and his family come and meet Priya’s family. Everyone talks at the dining table. Akshay’s family asks for Raghbir and his wife. Aditi made excuse.

Raghbir in his room sees a toy swing and says it’s for Bani. Harshit comes and sees Raghbir’s act. Harshit says they won’t let him go in front of Akshay’s family. Harshit stops him from going down stairs and holds the wooden house. Pragati comes Harshit ask her to control Raghbir. Raghbir says he is not a kid.

Pragati says Raghbir Sir if any work tell her. Raghbir leaves the room saying its Bani’s birthday and he wants to go downstairs. Pragati says sorry to Harshit.

Harshit and Raghbir’s cousin tries to stop him from going down. Raghbir says no one is here. Raghbir ask everyone to do arrangements fast. Akshay’s family sees the whole house. Raghbir bursts the balloon. Akshay mother ask what was the noise. Aditi says nothing. They sees the arrangement and ask is there any party at the house. Raghbir invites them to come for the Bani’s birthday. His family gets tensed.

Raghbir shows them doll house that he made for the Bani. Akshay’s mother say but Bani is dead. Raghbir angrily looks at her. He says how they dare speak like that for his wife. He holds Akshay’s father collar and throws them out. Akshay look at Priya. Priya cries.

Raghbir goes mad Harshit loudly shouts at Raghbir saying Bani is dead. He grabs his collar too and looks angrily at her.

Precape: Raghbir says I know Bani you are alive and in next 10 seconds you will be with me. He closes his eyes.