Bepanah Pyaar 20th June 2019 Written Update : Pragati gets kidnapped!

Today’s episode open with Harshit asking Raghbir to stop all the nonsense because Bani is dead. Raghbir shouts at him. Harshit goes away.

Raghbir lights the candle and fixes on the cake. He says I know you are alive and you will come. He sing birthday song. Raghbir again says Bani I know you will come he closes his eyes. Someone marches towards Raghbir. Raghbir gets teary seeing Bani. Pragati smiles but Raghbir sees Bani in her. He runs towards Bani. They share eyelock. Raghbir wishes and hugs Pragati thinking she is Bani. Pragati thinks how Shefali helped her by giving Bani’s saree to her.

Ragbhir breaks the hug and says everyone said you will not come but he was sure you would come. He celebrates her birthday with Pragati thinking its Bani. He gifts her doll house. Pragati gets happy. Raghbir takes her with him.

Aditi scolds Shefali for giving Bani’s saree to Raghbir. Devraj supports Shefali. Aditi and Devraj fights. Raghbir brings Pragati to unknown place and says here is your dream house Bani. He carries Pragati in his arms and takes her inside. Pragati ask Raghbir to leave her. He says I will make you see our dream house. Pragati says you are tired let’s go home. Raghbir says this is our house Bani. She makes him sit. He relaxes on Pragati’s lap thinking Bani. Pragati adores

Aditi calls Pragati. Raghbir aunt tells she has gone somewhere with Raghbir. Harshit ask Aditi to calm down. Biji comes laughing and says if Raghbir will be hurt everyone will feel pain.

Someone kidnaps Pragati. She struggles to set her free. Raghbir runs to save her.  Later, under the mask she gets shocked seeing Sanket and Prashant.

Raghbir follows their car. Pragati calls out Raghbir Sir. She worries for Raghbir. Ragabhir says Bani he is coming. He drives fast. Prashant says why you not understanding we are saving you from that house. Prashant says you still don’t know whats there in the house. He says nobody told you that at Devraj’s house no one does Pooja. If you don’t believe us than go and check the last room of the house. Raghbir comes. Snaket throws Prgati. She falls on Raghbir they shares eyelock. He ask you ok. Raghbir sees her saree, recalls the flashback. He asked Pragati why she is wearing this saree. Pragati look on.

Precape: Raghbir ask Pragati why the men kidnaped her. What they want from her? Pragati looks at Raghbir.