Bepanah Pyaar written Update 21st June 2019: Pragati sees someone’s shadow!

Today’s episode starts with Raghbir asking Pragati why she is wearing Bani’s Saree. Pragati ask he didn’t like it. He says let’s leave. Raghbir said are you stressed. He said you should be because they were kidnapping you. Raghbir ask Pragati how she reached here. Pragati says he brought her here. They reached home. Its morning, Raghbir holds Pragati’s hand and said don’t wear this saree again.

Aditi says its morning they didn’t yet returned. Aditi lashes Raghbir for not receiving the call. Raghbir taunts Aditi and says he went on long drive with her. Pragati goes away. Raghbir ask his family to call Akshay and his family he wants to meet them.

Pragati recalls doctor word. Shefali comes in. She asked Pragati about the last night. Pragati says she will keep helping Raghbir.

Raghbir calls out for Priya. She talks with him and informs her that he is ready to meet with Akshay and his family. Priya gets happy. Pragati smiles from far. Raghbir stops her and says in front of Akshay’s family she should be present there as his wife. Pragati nods yes. Raghbir ask to his family to do the best arrangements for Akshay and his family. He himself checks all the arrangement. Devraj praises Raghbir but his aunt taunts him. He leaves the place. He stops himself from drinking alcohol today.

Raghbir recalls his flashbacks with Bani. Someone knocks and says the guests came. He self-talks to himself and goes down. He meets Akshay’s family. He apologizes for his behavior. Ragbhir ask question from Akshay. Akshay’s mother asks for Pragati and taunts him connecting with Bani. Raghbir glares at her. Shefali goes to help Pragati. Pragati searches for Bani’s saree. She sees someone and ask who is there. Pragati gets scared.

Otherside, Akshay’s mother contionusly ask about Bani. Here, Pragati follows someone’s shadow, peeks inside the half open door, and steps down. Harshit asks his cousin to go and call Pragati.

Raghbir ask to start Priya’s roka. Pragati comes running and tells Raghbir that she saw a woman in a red saree at basement, she was singing. Raghbir ask which woman. Everyone looks shocked.

Precape: Akshay’s father asks why Pragati is so scared and talking about whom. Devraj lies to him and says she is talking about the maid. Raghbir goes with Pragati and gets shocked looking something.