Bepanah Pyaar Written Update 24th June, 2019 Raghbir seeks truth from his family

Pragati comes running and says you are sad that someone is there in the best moment in red saree and was singing a Kya hua Tera Wada song. Ragbir asks who is that woman she says someone I don’t know. Raghbir asks Pragati to come with him, the guest started asking ki is this your daughter-in-law? Then the father in law says that she must be talking about your maid. however, the guests are not agreeing with them and says keep she is scared as if she has seen someone’s ghost, is she mental somehow? the other guys ask if there is nothing like that prithvi will handle the matter.

The husband’s of the family says key this is what happened is not good so let us complete the roka ceremony some other day. Whereas the other people are saying we don’t believe in such things. And the person from the family’s age ki if you don’t mind aunty we care about these signs. The woman again says that good things should be happening in the good times so it will be good. the guest finally Greece to their statements and says ki ok let’s finalize a pious moment and inform us.

Prithvi asks the girl where is that girl? She says here in the basement, he says let’s go. She shows him a door and says it opened suddenly a girl was singing in red saree.

Hair in the family members all are arguing about the matter. Where as many are not ready to believe in the things, someone from themselves that I have guessed it earlier only that she can feel someone else existence around her. The other person says kyu should have handled the matter earlier only. Then she says that I will handle it no matter what.

Music is playing in the background, Raghbir opens the door. raghuveer smom comes and school his wife that I know what you are doing and you are doing it purposely. she says you don’t know what has happened to Raghbir and you don’t even know that what can what effect it can left on him? I don’t get why don’t you understand this simple things.

Raghubir entered the room and she is here and there and says is this you Bani? Bani is shown who is making a painting and asking how is this looking it will be my house I mean our house. Ranbir started smiling and he sees the painting but now no one is there. He caress the photo and sees the brush and paint. hi Nancy is her in front of the mirror and saying ki the bangles a beautiful and how come he always gets to know what she likes?

He touches the broken bangles and sees them and feels emotional. A Chinese Bell started ringing and he again sees Bani. Barney says whatever dreams we are seeing in this room will become true eventually. But Bani is nowhere to be seen now, song plays in the background. Raghbir falls on the ground. Raghbir seats and cries and says Ki Bani are you here if you are here then please come. I want to talk to you, listen to your talks, can’t you see my pain? Please comeback.
Raghubir family members come there and he realises that Bani is not there. His his mum says given you will never come again and his elder brother says she has gone so far. Raghubir says I don’t want to come with you and I want to understand anything. Raghuveer lives the room with his mum and dad and brother. His father lock the room again.

All gathered in the hall and everyone is asking Raghbir to sit quietly and listen to them. Raghbir argued that not only Pragati but everyone of you have seen Bani and all of you are aware that she is here in the house only. Raghbir shouts bani Bani and everyone asks him to shut up. His brother says ki pragati is treating you and she is doing an experiment on you to make you better as per doctor’s advice.
His mom manipulates the whole situation against pragati in front of Raghbir. She called shefali uses that pragathi told her that she will do an experiment on him and for that she will wear a saree of Bani. Dadi says Ragbir should know what is happening in the house that whatever pragati has seen is true. All wonder that if he ask pragathi than whether she will tell the truth or not? Family member comes and says ki don’t worry she will not tell anything to anyone.

Pragathi is in room crying and there is a flashback scene. Raghbir mom asks her not to play with his emotions as she can’t see him like this. His mom scolds her and that his health is deteriorating, flashback ends. Raghbir comes to her and asks her that all are saying you tell me a lie. But I can see loyalty and honesty in your eyes that is why I believed you. See I don’t know you much but whatever I know I feel you can’t be like that. Everyone thinks I see Bani everywhere and some shows sympathy, some scolds me but I thought you will not do this. Raghbir asks are you telling a lie? I want to know the truth.

You are playing with my emotions? The housemates want a deaf and dumb robot, you are doing experiment on me? Raghbir says Am I mad? Yes I am mad but my treatment can be done by Bani only, my Bani. No one else. Raghbir leaves and Pragati breaks down.
A man says she is in danger and she is not listening to me. That man says Pragati needs to know what happened to Bani three years ago?
Raghbir gets drunk says my wife Pragati wants to experiment with me. Like say she wants to make me good by using my wounds, pain with me. That’s why I call this family a family of mad people. Raghbir talks with the security guard and blabbers thing. He says my family thinks I am mad. Pragati also thinks I am mad, she wants to treat me, experiment on me and I caught her red handed. I think love is a treatment itself, everyone in this world should love. Love makes people weak from inside.

Precap : Pragati sees blood stains on her hand.