Bepanah Pyaar Written Updates 12th November 2019: Ragbir complaints to Police about Pragati being a fraud

The episode starts with Ragbir questioning about Sahas to Pragati. She has had enough is about to leave when Ragbir gets furious and breaks a glass. A glass piece hits her and she gets hurt. Before Ragbir could help her Sahas treats her while Ragbir watches it painfully. Sahas asks Ragbir to control his anger and he leaves angrily. Badi maa once again provokes him against Pragati saying that after him she’s trapping Sahas in her trap. Ragbir leaves furiously

Everyone discusses Ragbir in the dining table when Ragbir comes there saying that he’s not having and is about to leave for office when the driver informs him that another new car is standing in Infront of his car. Ragbir asks Sahas if it’s his but he says no. Pragati says that it’s hers which she bought for going to the office. Aditi asks which office and Pragati says the same office where she holds 51% share and is the director of the company. She leaves and Aditi fumes.

Ragbir asks the driver to get out and gets in his seat. He taunts Pragati and overtakes her and reaches the company fast. He gets shocked seeing Pragati before him who says that he needs to use his brain to know about short cuts and Ragbir fumes. Pragati is about to enter but security stops her and says that she’s not allowed. She says that she’s Bani and provides proof along with legal documents and he lets her in. Ragbir watches it angrily. Pragati enters her cabin and says that she doesn’t need all this but only her family.

Shefali’s friends ask her about Prom and she says that she’s going to propose Raghav as her partner in prom. Her friends say that only boys propose girls for prom and not the other way round. She gets shocked seeing Raghav with another girl and leaves making an excuse. She cries in a corner.

Sahas asks about Ragbir and Pragati says that he’s not seen anywhere the whole day. Police come to arrest Pragati for fraud. Ragbir says that she has faked her identity for properties and Pragati provides him the file that has medical reports proving herself to be Bani. Police say that many fake reports can also be made like this and asks if she has any other proof.

Pragati calls her lawyer and asks them to take with him. She keeps calling him but his phone is switched off. She calls her doctor and asks him to come to the mansion. Ragbir smirks seeing it. She says that her doctor will himself give his statement in favor of her. The doctor comes and says that he has taken money from her to lie that she’s Bani and create fake reports shocking Pragati. He says she’s Pragati and not Bani.

Precap: Pragati asks him to not be so happy as he won by cheating. Ragbir says that she’s the definition of cheating