Bepanah Pyaar Written Updates 14th November 2019: Raghbir blocks Pragati and Sahas’s way

Today’s episode starts with Pragati saying to Raghbir that someone else is the culprit thus she didn’t filed the complaint. She tells to Raghbir that she is here to rebuild their relation. Raghbir ask Pragati than to leave the office. Pragati refuses. Ahead, the duo gets lost and recalls their moments with each other.

Shefali sees Raghav hugging the girl in the car. Shefali confronts Raghav and he asks her to stay away from him. Other side, Raghbir cuts water supply of Pragati’s room. Pragati gets irked. Later, Raghbir gets jealous seeing Sahas offering Pragati to get fresh in his room.

During breakfast Sahas and does argue. Further, Pragati comes down and Raghbir and Sahas look at her. Raghbir spoils her dress when Sahas ask Pragati to accompany him to have breakfast outside. Next, Raghbir punctures Pragati’s car so that she can’t reach the office at time.

Raghbir gets happy thinking Pragati will not attend such an important meeting. He gets shocked seeing Pragati in the conference room. Pragati says to Raghbir that he is late and meeting is done. Raghbir ask Pragati how she arrived early than him. Pragati says she took metro train. Afterwards, Raghbir ask Pragati how come she is sitting on his chair. Pragati tells to Raghbir that she is majority share holder thus the chair belongs to her. Raghbir stands stunned.

Mishra taunts Pragati and she fired him. Raghbir says to Pragati that he will make her fall down soon as she is trying to fly high. Priya says to Shefali that it’s good she saw real face of Raghav. Other side, Aditi and Kunti ask Sahas why he saved Pragati. Sahas says because she is not guilty and he will support her at any cost. Raghbir yells and ask who touched his stuffs without his permission. Pragati says she did.

Raghbir says to Pragati not to stoop so low that she shouldn’t be able to rise again. Pragati says to Raghbir that he did last rituals of Pragati and now this new Pragati will take a stand for herself. She further asks Raghbir to leave. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Raghbir spots Pragati and Sahas together again.