Bepanah Pyaar Written Updates 15th November 2019: Sahas takes care of Pragati, Raghbir gets jealous

Today’s episode starts with Kunti comes to Raghbir and says the work Pragati wanted to do from so long she did today. She tells to Raghbir that Mishra called her and informed. Kunti manipulated Raghbir and filled his mind against Pragati.

Pragati comes back home. She sees Dev and talks with her and Priya ask Dev not to keep any relationship with Pragati, as she cheated the whole family. Ahead, Dev makes Priya meet Nivi and praises her. Priya gets jealous.

Afterwards, Raghbir makes Pragati fall. He taunts Pragatu. Sahas ask Pragati if she is fine. Raghbir gets jealous. Harshit thinks and says Kunti was right Pragati and Sahas’s closeness is affecting Raghbir. Priya gets angry with Dev. Other side, Raghbir thinks to give spray to Pragati and goes to her room. He stands jealous seeing Sahas and Pragati’s closeness. He recalls her moments with Pragati and gets angry hearing Sahas talk.

Later, Raghbir confronts Sahas and ask him not to interfere in his and Pragati’s matter. Sahas gives befitted reply to him and says why he is worrying if he hates Pragati. Pragati hears Raghbir’s talk and says Raghbir still loves her thus he is affected when she is in pain.

In the morning Malhotra’s sits for the breakfast. Sahas prepares a breakfast for Pragati and Raghbir gets jealous seeing the duo. Sahas makes Pragati sit and Ragbir looks at her angrily and leaves the place. The whole Malhotra family too leaves the place.

Sahas ask Pragati to taste the food which he has prepared for her. Raghbir gets angry standing from far. Later, Pragati gives the presentation and Raghbir keeps his point of view. The duo does the argument. Pragati ask Raghbir to give the presentation. She calls off the meeting.

Further, Raghbir ask Pragati how dare she interrupt in his office matter. Pragati says to Raghbir that the office belongs to her too. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Raghbir and Pragati compete and share a romantic fall. Meanwhile, Raghbir deletes Pragati’s presentation.