Bepanah Pyaar Written Updates 8th November 2019: Raghbir and Pragati fights over money

Today’s episode starts with Raghbir and Pragati recalling their moments together. Pragati worries for Raghbir after he feels the pain but Raghbir stops her from coming close and goes away. Pragati thinks to bring their old moments back soon. There, Dev and Priya patch up and spends time together. Afterwards, Aditi tells that Pragati will not come today for the breakfast because she has insulted her last night. Pragati comes and Aditi says she will not get breakfast, Pragati says she has already ordered her food. Pragati tells to the delivery boy to take the money from her husband. Raghbir gets angry on Pragati for telling the delivery boy that he is her husband and he will pay his bills. Pragati says she is doing whatever is legal.

Pragati picks Priya’s mobile and Priya lashes out at Pragati and ask her to stay away from her. Later, Raghbir gets angry on his employees for doing time pass instead of working. He further, asks one of his employees to give him annual report. Manager gives him the paper and Raghbir tears the paper after seeing them.

There, Pragati goes to Nakul to talk with him but he avoids her and says he can’t trust her anymore because everything has changed after she has ditched Raghbir. At office, Harshit gives the presentation. Clients make the faces. Raghbir takes over the charge and clients gets impressed with him. Afterwards, Raghbir gets angry on Harshit and says he trusted him thus given him the post. He further asks him to either work properly or let some other person do the work. Harshit gets angry.

Pragati gets a call from bank and someone informs that a card has been swiped up from some club. Pragati goes to the club and sees Raghbir. Raghbir tells to everyone out there to drink as much they want, as today’s drink party is sponsored by his wife Pragati. Pragati stands shocked.

Raghbir flirts with a girl in the club and Pragati shockingly stands behind Raghbir. Later, Raghbir dances with the girls out there on the beat Ghumghroo song. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Sahas comes to stay with Malhotra’s.