Bepannah Row: Fans filed a petition to save their show

Seems like the hope against hope for Bepannah fans is still intact somewhere. The show is all set to end on 30th Nov 2018 as per latest reports. The show which started in the month of March 2018 with a concept of giving second chance to life, love and yourself. In the beginning, the ratings of the show gathered a huge amount of ratings and this show gathered a huge amount of buzz over the social media. While the how maintained their position in online charts.

Reason why the ardent fans along with the offline viewers of show across the globe is not ready to accept the defeat so easily. Earlier they trended #DontEndBepannah and #ExtendBepannaah worldwide with almost 1 million tweets. Earlier there was a possibility for the show to transfer in the digital platform of Colors that is Voot. But all the hopes of the viewers crushed when the leading lady of the show Jennifer post a farewell video confirming the end of the show officially.

Recently the leading duo did a live chat with fans where they said about the last date of shoot, their feeling and much more. Post that the fans of the show started to do everything possible again to save the show. As a part of that mission they also started a petition in a way to save the show. The petition is reportedly aiming for 15 thousand signatures and currently gathered near about 5 thousand signatures. Well all we can say is fans are leaving no stone unturned to save their show now lets see whether fate favours them or not? The link of the petition is given here :-