Best Indian Wedding Lehenga Styles – You can choose for your dream wedding look.!

We all want to look most beautiful on our wedding day, right girls…!! We always have dreamed about our bridal look and the perfect wedding lehenga we want to wear on the most special day of our lives.

But finding the perfect wedding lehenga is not an easy task. There are so many different types of Indian wedding lehenga designs trending this wedding season. Therefore, you can get a bit confused as to what wedding lehenga design to choose for your dream wedding look. But worry not, to make it a little easier for our lovely brides-to-be. We bring you a list of best Indian wedding lehenga designs that we have spotted in the latest wedding trend.

So without further ado, please have a look and drool over the prettiest wedding lehenga designs.

Image via Jayanti Reddy
  1. Banarasi Silk Lehengas 

There is something unique about a banarasi wedding lehenga that makes it breathtakingly beautiful. That’s why it has been every bride’s favourite since ages. The luxurious look of banarasi silk lehenga gives a very regal appeal and makes it an apt choice if you want to don a royal bridal look for your dream wedding. These days, modern brides are also experimenting a lot and choosing opulent looking banarasi silk lehengas in different hues of colours. Look for best bridal wear designers in Delhi to find your perfect wedding lehenga.

Image via WedMeGood

2. Bandhani Wedding Lehengas

The trend of bandhani lehengas is making a comeback. Modern brides are donning the vibrant and cool tie dye pattern bandhani lehengas with a twist. They are opting to wear bright and poopy colours bandhani dupattas with wedding lehengas to uplift their whole bridal look. Remember, how Isha Ambani incorporated a bright red embellished bandhani dupatta in her surreal bridal look.

Image via Diva’ni


3. Mirror Work Wedding Lehengas

Want a glamorous bridal look but don’t want to opt something over-the-top, then the glimmering looking mirror work bridal wedding lehenga is the perfect choice for you. The mirror work wedding lehengas looks glam and timeless. These days, the mirror work wedding lehengas are coming in different hues of colours. Right from bright shades like yellow, deep red, coral to all time favourite pastel and warm shades like beige, dusky pink, gold and so on. So, you can experiment a lot with your dream wedding look.

Image via Joint Production


4. Velvet Bridal Lehengas

The luxurious and timeless appeal of velvet bridal wedding lehenga is unbeatable. A bride donning the royal looking velvet bridal lehenga with lots of jewels on her wedding day will look absolutely mesmerizing. The rich velvet fabric looks classic and has an old-world charm to it. Also, velvet bridal lehengas are a perfect choice if you are having a winter wedding. It will keep you cozy when the night freezes and yet look stylish.

5. Gotta Patti Bridal Lehengas

Nothing can beat a classic gotta patti bridal lehenga beauty, it just look so alluring. The trend of gotta patti work wedding lehengas is all in the rage among modern brides. They are opting to wear gotta patti lehengas on their wedding ceremony as well as on other wedding functions like mehendi or sangeet. The best thing about gotta patti bridal lehengas is that they are lightweight and yet look very heavy. That’s why it’s one of our favourite wedding lehenga designs.

6. Embroidery Bridal Lehengas

Heavy embroidery bridal lehengas are the bride’s favorite since ages. These days, various kinds of embroidery bridal lehengas are in trend. Right from sequin embellished embroidery to thread work embroidery or evergreen zardozi embroidery, brides have a lot of options to choose from. Modern brides are also opting for personalised embroidery wedding lehengas and taking up their overall bridal look on another level. They are getting their groom’s name, vows, wedding hashtags, and love story embroidered in their wedding lehenga design.

So, that’s all ladies..!! Hope, this list is helpful to you and now you can easily select a beautiful wedding lehenga for your dreamy wedding.