Best Moments of MishBir: Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke


Star plus popular Television show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke has been grabbing eyeballs ever since its first telecast and one of the main reasons is the chemistry between the lead characters Abir and Mishti, fondly known as MishBir.This Jodi has had many cute moments on the show and here let us recollect some of their Best moments.

Paraglide Adventure & First Hug:

One of the cutest moments is when Abir persuades Mishti to be his Paragliding parter. Mishti who was scared got finally convinced, lets her fear go and they paraglide. Mishti loved the entire adventure and saw the world through Abir’s eyes for the first time. The experience was simply exhilarating and as soon they landed she runs towards Abir and hugs him happily.

Abir Helping with Mishti Dress and their powercut romance:

Abir helps Mishti with her dress zipper while sharing an eye lock. That scene was beautifully portrayed and the two later sings a song together while Kunal and Kuhu watch. They share a cute romantic moment when the power suddenly goes off in the club. It was also the first time Mishti starts developing feelings for Abir.

Mishti gatecrashes Kunal’s bachelor party at Rajvansh house and kisses Abir:

Mishti stealthily enters Rajvansh’s house at Kunal’s bachelor party to speak to Kunal but instead ends up meeting Abir in his room. A Drunken Abir thinks Mishti is his imagination and Mishti moved by his sweetness Kisses him on his cheek. She mistakenly falls on the bed along with and the couple shares a sweet romantic moment. He later kept his head on her lap and slept.

MishBir’s Love Confession:

In a filmy style, Abir enters the airport in Bharat’s Horse to stop Mishti from boarding her flight to Mumbai. The two finally confess their love for each other in the middle of the Airport and share an emotional hug full of love.

MishBir’s Almost Kiss at Maheswari House:

After confession , the two love birds share some romantic moments in Mishti’s room during Kuhu’s Pag Phere rasam, when Abir wantedly pours Tea on his shirt and makes an excuse to clean it up in Mishti’s room. The two come closer together and almost shared a kiss if not for Badi Maa’s interruption!

First Official Date:

Mishbir shares their first official date on a lakeside, Where Abir has made all the arrangements for a romantic evening. He surprises Mishti by pretending to be a thief who snatches her phone in the bike while she was Jogging. As Mishti runs behind the thief, she realizes it was none other than Abir. The date was simple yet romantic in so many ways.

Well, these are some of the best moments although there are tons of them still and more to come. What are your favorite scenes? Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite couple.

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