Beyhad 2: The happy ending Maya and Rudra deserved

Sony TV popular show Beyhadh 2 will go off-air after the lockdown caused by COVID-19: the channel and the production house came to a mutual decision according to which the Jennifer Winget and Shivin Narang starrer will not continue its run. Fans are left heartbroken after coming to know that their favorite show will be terminated without reaching a logical end. Since we believe that Maya and Rudra’s love tale deserves a happy ending, here we bring a one-shot with the conclusion that we think the story deserved to get.


Maya looked at the picture of her six enemies in front of her. Her eyes went on Diya and she recalled her desperate face when she was begging to be released from the mental hospital. Maya smirked and draw a red cross on her photo. Then her gaze shifted on Antara and the voices of reporters slamming her for her pictures with some men echoed in Maya’s ears. She let out a laugh that had nothing to do with happiness and then made a red cross on Antara’s picture too. The next picture was Jogi’s. Maya gritted her teeth with anger: she had considered him as a brother, least she knew that he would have been one of the demons who ruined her life. But now he had taken her revenge from him too. She crossed his image too while a flash of Vikram beating Jogi the same way he had beaten her ten years ago, in the same place, came in her mind.

Maya grabbed a piece of newspaper and the corner of her lip lifted reading what there was written on it: “Famous business tycoon SudhirDutt goes bankrupt after his frauds come in front of the world. Left with nothing, Dutt ends his life.”

Maya looked at Sudhir’s picture: “Once you helped your friend MJ to betray an innocent and when you needed him the most, he betrayed even you. Allegations were on him but he trapped his dear business partner.” – She shook her head smirking and put a cross on Sudhir’s picture.

The next one in Maya’s hitlist was Amir. She looked at his photo clenching his jaw and fists.

“4th April 2011. Yeh din meinkabhinehibhoolpaaugi. Ek bade aadmi ne uskibadigaadike bade payokeneechey… sab kuchbadaldiya.”

It was MJ’s car, driven by Amir, that hit Maya’s brother killing him when he came to know what they had done to her sister and had tried to raise his voice. In a flashback, Maya recalled how on 4th April of this year, Vikram hit Amir with the car and she avenged her brother’s death too. A red cross on Amir’s picture signed the end of his chapter.

Now MJ. Her biggest enemy, the one who gave her the biggest scar of her life. He was no more but Maya still had the same immense hatred for him in her eyes while glaring at his picture.


Vikram was sitting in front of Diya in the room of the mental hospital in which she was recovered.

Diya: “So Manvi pretended to be in love with you and married you just to get a new identity and then left you? That is why you want to help me get out from here so that we can take your revenge from her?”

Vikram: “I have told you everything about me. I know you are here because of Manvi but I don’t understand why Manvi did this to you.”

Diya: “Because of MJ! MJ is a womanizer, selfish! Ten years ago, he trapped Manvi in his love and when she got pregnant, he ditched her and wanted her to abort her baby. When Manvi refused to do so, he tortured her and killed her unborn child. I supported his plans because I was blindly in love with him.”

Vikram recorded everything she said on his phone.

Diya: “But how did you come to know that it is because of Manvi that I am here?”

Vikram smirked: “You will soon come to know that.”

After a while

MJ was in his office when he received a message. He checked it and it was audio. He got shocked when he heard Diya talking about what he did with Manvi.

Before he could think or do anything else, an employee came there: “Sir there are lots of reporters outside the building and they are asking for you.”

MJ: “Organize a press conference later, now just open the back door!”

He knew that if the thing had already reached the media, then it must have reached Rudra too.

And in fact, he wasn’t wrong. In Roy Mansion, Rudra and Antara were standing in front of the TV shocked. Rudra just couldn’t believe at the news he was hearing. Every new channel was playing Diya’s recording and questioning MJ.

Rudra: “Is it true?” – He asked Antara. His voice strived to come out.

Antara just nodded looking down.

Rudra: “Who is Manvi? Where is she?”

Antara couldn’t hide it anymore from his son. She took a deep breath and said: “Maya.” – Rudra’s eyes widened – “Maya is Manvi.”

On the other hand, MJ was driving his car at full speed when another car blocked his way. He applied sudden brakes. He got shocked seeing Maya coming out of that car. He went out of the car too.

Maya and MJ stepped towards each other and stood face to face.

Maya: “So how does it feel after losing everything and everyone?”

MJ: “I have not lost yet. You don’t know what Mritunjay Roy is capable of.”

Maya: “I know.” – she smirked – “But you still don’t know what Maya is capable of.”

Just then she brought ahead of the hand which she had kept behind her back until then and hit MJ with the baseball bat she was holding. MJ backed off as he was caught off guard. Maya hit him again and MJ fell on his car hitting his head against the hood. Maya was about to hit him again but MJ held the bat and stopped her. He pushed her and ran towards the jungle. Maya chased him.

Later Rudra is seen driving his car. He was devastated: his eyes showed anger, disappointment, pain, shock. He stopped the car when he saw a little crowd on the road. He got out to check what is going on and, after making his way through the crowd, he saw that two cars were blocking the way. Rudra couldn’t identify one but could recognize his father’s car. He understood what was going on. He looked around and just then he saw the pearls bracelet he had gifted Maya near a path that went toward the jungle. He grabbed the bracelet and put it in his pocket and went inside the jungle.

On the other hand, MJ was running in the jungle when he fell into the mud. He looked backward and saw Maya coming behind him. He got up and ran ahead, followed by Maya. They reached the edge of a precipice. MJ slipped because of the mud that was covering his bottom.

Maya: “Game over MJ.” – She took out a gun and pointed it on him.

She was about to pull the trigger but MJ was faster than her and he hit her hand grabbing the gun.

MJ: “Not so easily.” – He pointed the gun at Maya who was taken aback.

MJ was about to pull the trigger but just then Rudra came there and grabbed his hands. Maya looked at him with an emotional gaze and lipped his name: “Rudra…”

Rudra looked at her with an eye and then glared straight at MJ trying to pull out the gun from his grip.

MJ: “Rudra what are you doing? She killed your brother!”

Rudra: “Rishi would have been with us if it wasn’t for what you did ten years ago!”

MJ: “She is lying!”

Rudra didn’t reply and was just trying to get the gun from him. Maya saw that the gun was pointed towards Rudra. She rushed towards them and suddenly pulled Rudra away from MJ who got pushed towards the edge of the precipice. Rudra looked at him with round eyes but before anything could be done, MJ slipped and fell in the valley.

Rudra was just too stunned to react. He looked at Maya who looked back at him with teary eyes. She just threw herself in Rudra’s embrace. Rudra shut his eyes and gulped down feeling her close. He surrounded her with one arm and entangled his fingers in her hair with the other hand.  A tear skipped through his eyes. Suddenly he recalled finding Rishi dead and immediately broke the hug slightly pushing Maya away.

Maya: “Rudra I…”

But before she could say anything more, Rudra stopped her showing a hand.

“Rishi was innocent…” – He said not looking into her eyes and with that, he walked away from there.

Maya looked at him leaving while a tear ran on her cheeks.


Maya: “And that was the last day for Mritunjay Roy.” – With that, he draw a cross on his picture too.

She smiled but her eyes were still teary. Her revenge was completed but she had lost everyone she loved: Nandini, Rajiv… Rudra.


Ki aaheinbhichup ho gayi




Rudra was just sitting in a corner of the room with tears in his eyes, no expression on his face, and Maya’s bracelet in his hands. He was feeling empty, not able to think, say, or do anything. He had Maya’s book in front of him. He looked at it and remembered that when he had read it, he had connected with the protagonist, understood her. He didn’t know back then that Maya wrote her story and that is why she considered her book as her soul. His heart and mind were continuously in a fight.

Antara came there and sat next to him. She placed a hand on his shoulder: “I can’t see you like this anymore Rudra.”

Rudra didn’t react.

Antara: “If you love her, you have to find her.”

Rudra kept silent. Of course, he loved her. He had forgotten how to live since the day he lost her. Hatred might have blinded him after he came to know that she had killed his brother but in the deep of his heart his love for her never vanished. His hatred could never take over his love for her. His love was limitless while his hatred knew a limit and that was his love itself.

Mujhme hi tu rahe yun sadaa

Aadat hai tu buri yah sazaa

Tujh bin bhi tu lage laazmi


Antara tried again: “Everyone deserves a second chance Rudra.”

Rudra: “But… after what she did…”

Antara: “Do not concentrate just on one thing Rudra. We all got what we deserved. It’s karma and it had to happen. Stop looking at the past and think about your future. Will you be able to forget Maya?”

Rudra slowly shook his head.

Ananya: “I want to see my son happy and I request him to choose his happiness over anything else… please Rudra.”


Vikram knocked at the door of Maya’s room. Maya looked on.

Vikram: “Open the door, Maya!”

Maya didn’t move.

Vikram: “Maya I said open the door otherwise I’ll break it!”

Maya didn’t move and after a while, Vikram broke into the room but he screamed as soon as he stepped inside. Maya’s lip curved into a smirk. She turned around just to see Vikram fallen down with his one foot stuck into animal traps and bleeding.

Vikram: “Princess…” – He was hissing because of pain – “How could you do this?!”

Maya bent down near him and said: “How could you think that I would have not avenged Rajiv and Maa?” – She looked at him with disgust while he was trying to free his foot – “After all… someone has to take the responsibility of Joshi and Amir’s murder… and also the car found near MJ’s one is registered on your name. Police must be coming. You will suffer whole your life behind the bars.”

With that, she walked out of the room with her chin up and a smirk on her lips. She walked downstairs and opened the door. She was about to leave when suddenly Vikram grabbed her elbow and pinned her against a wall, pointing a knife on her neck. Maya looked at his foot which was bleeding since it was badly injured but he didn’t care. Only madness and obsession were visible in his eyes.

Vikram: “If you can’t be mine, you can’t be anyone else’s. We will die together.” – He looked at Maya with his red eyes filled with rage.

There was no sign of fear on Maya’s face. Death didn’t scare her as she had no reason to live anymore.

Suddenly someone hit Vikram’s head with a stick. Maya winced. Vikram fell down unconscious. When Maya looked on, she got shocked seeing Rudra there.

Rudra rushed to her and placed a hand on her shoulder and the other on her cheek asking: “Are you fine?!” – He was really worried.

Maya just kept looking at him without blinking: “You here?”

Rudra smiled a bit: “I had to come…”

Maya: “But how did you come to know that I was here?”

Rudra shrugged: “Somehow… I have always felt that you were in this house only…”

Maya’s eyes welled up. She hugged Rudra as tightly as she could and cried: “I am sorry Rudra”

Rudra hugged her back. His eyes welled up too.

Rudra: “I didn’t know that there was so much pain behind my Maya’s sanak…”

Maya looked at him: “You have forgiven me? Don’t you hate me?”

Rudra: “I can’t hate you.” – He said cupping her face – “I’m fulfilling the promises I made you… no matter how dark life could be, I will always be your light, I will always be with you. Let our past remain past. I want to live the rest of my life with you, I want to give you the happiness you deserve and make you forget your every sorrow.” – Maya was just listening to him with tears of happiness in her eyes. He wiped them with his finger – “There will be no place for these anymore. And…  I have something for you…” – He showed her the bracelet with the two pearls. Maya bit her lower lip smiling emotionally.

Rudra placed the bracelet in Maya’s hand and closed her fist. He kept a hand on her cheek and joined their foreheads: “I love you, Maya.”

Maya hugged him tightly and replied: “I love you too Rudra.”

They had finally found solace in each other’s arms.