Beyhadh 2 13th February 2020 Written Update : MJ TRIES SCARING MAYA

The episode starts with MJ saying that they should do a photo-shoot before the event of tomorrow since people should know who their daughter is in law. Rudra tells him that Maya doesn’t like getting clicked. MJ asks the reasons and says that he wanted the pictures to become the cover of a magazine so they will get the image of a powerful family. Maya agrees to do the photo-shoot. Rudra asks her how she changed her mind since she didn’t like to get clicked before. Maya says that she didn’t have him before and hugs him telling him that she isn’t scared of the world anymore now. Rudra plants a kiss on her forehead. MJ glares at them and then says that they should click the pictures then.

Photographer starts clicking Rudra, Maya, Antara and MJ’s pictures and asks MJ to stand between Maya and Antara. Rudra gets a call and goes away. Also Antara leaves. Maya and MJ are left alone and Maya feels a bit scared. MJ whispers to Maya that he is aware of her fear. Photographer asks Maya to stand close to MJ. The latter puts his hand on her shoulder. Maya feels uncomfortable and recalls him touching her in the past. Rudra comes and Maya immediately hugs him.

After the photo-shoot is done, Maya rushes in her room and washes herself with hot water to wipe off MJ’s touch. She comes out calling out Rudra’s name and he comes suddenly scaring her. They share a laughter when Rudra jokes about Maya making a room in the bathroom. Rudra adores Maya when she laughs and says that her laughter will take his life one day. Maya asks him not to talk about death.

Maya is about to leave when Rudra switches off the lights and plays “Pal” song. He grabs Maya’s hand and they start dancing together. Maya walks to the window and places a hand on it. Rudra reaches her and puts his hand on hers. They blow off the candles and then Rudra comes closer to Maya. They lie on the bed and Rudra is about to kiss her when Maya suddenly have flashes from past and pushes him. Rudra asks her what happened. Maya apologizes and tells him that the past isn’t leaving her. Rudra says it’s ok and tells him that her future won’t leave her too. They hug. Maya says that it’s not his fault but hers; she is the one who has scars. Rudra replies that her scars are her responsibility and asks her not to feel that their relationship is a weight since it is freedom only.

Rudra says that he will sleep on the couch but Maya stops him and says that she trusts him. She sleeps with her head on Rudra’s lap.
The next morning Ananya is seen leaving the office. Rudra tries stopping her and asks her not to leave for a mere fight. Ananya reminds her that she had told him that if he had left everything would get finished. Rudra tries convincing her not to leave saying that it would have been wrong with him, her and Maya if he had married her.

Ananya blames him for thinking about Maya again and is about to leave when Rudra says that he loves her. Ananya refuses to believe that he loves her even like a friend. She leaves. Rudra wonders how to explain her how much she means to her.

On the other hand Maya comes out of the washroom. Someone gives her towel. She thinks it’s Rudra and thanks him but it’s MJ. Maya gets scared and looks around for Rudra. MJ tells him that she can’t wipe off his perception even if she burns herself with hot water and can’t fight him because he knows that she is Manvi. He touches her inappropriately and Maya gets scared. Just then Rudra comes with Antara.

MJ says that he was just giving Maya a gift and shows her a necklace which he is to make her wear but Rudra stops him and does that. MJ says that tomorrow world will get introduced to Maya Rudra Roy. Rudra corrects him saying that he will be introduced as Rudra Maya Jaisingh Roy but Maya says that it’s her choice and she wants to be called Maya Rudra Roy only. MJ puts a hand on her cheek and says it’s good and calls her daughter. Maya smirks and calls him dad as well. Episode ends

Precap: MJ cuts Maya’s hair giving her back Manvi’s look. Just then Rudra enters in the room.