Beyhadh 2 14th February 2020 Written Update: MJ challenges Maya to tell Rudra about their truth

The episode starts with Maya telling Rajiv that MJ planned a reception party and she is afraid that he wants to snatch Rudra from her. Rajiv says that nobody can snatch Rudra from her now. Maya says that she made a mistake by falling in love since love makes people do strange things.

Rajiv asks her to send Rudra to him if she wants but Maya says that Rudra is hers and she is the only one to have right on her things even if it’s a mistake. She laughs thinking about Rudra and Rajiv says that Rudra finally could bring back happiness in her life. He says that he could die for such a love. Maya thanks Rajiv for what she is doing and says that he is like her brother Manas only.

Rajiv laughs and asks her to take care of Rudra. Maya hears the doorbell and asks Rajiv who is that. Rajiv says that it’s pizza boy only and he has to hide it from Nandini or else she will scold her for eating from outside. Maya laughs. Rajiv goes to open the door and gets shocked seeing the person in front of him.

At the night Rudra tells Maya that Ananya isn’t ready to forgive him. Maya kneels in front of Rudra and says that he is hurt so needs time. Rudra tells Maya that she is very sweet and asks her from where she brings so much love. Maya replies that it comes from him only since he taught her how to love and love is a very strong emotion. She says that he made her dream with his love and now he will make him fly with her love.

Rudra pulls her closer and says that he is waiting for her to make him fly. He touches her hair and says that he loves it but adds that tonight nothing will happen because he is feeling very sleepy. He lifts Maya up and puts her on the bed and lies next to her. He closes his eyes. Maya hugs him thinking that he knows that he is doing all this for her only.

Diya goes to MJ who is looking upstairs and asks him if he isn’t able to stand his son’s happiness. MJ replies that he isn’t able to stand Manvi’s victory. Diya asks him if with his past coming in front of him he is having back old feelings too. MJ denies that.

Diya holds his hand and asks him to let her know what she can do for him. Just then Antara comes and MJ leaves Diya’s hand. He goes with Antara saying that they have to plan tomorrow’s reception. Diya glares at them and have drink.

The next morning Maya comes out of the washroom wiping her hair. Rudra is working on laptop and some drops of water fall on him from Maya’s hair. Maya apologizes but Rudra says that she must be doing all this intentionally. He sits near her and says that he loves her hair so much. He dries her hair with hair dryer and Maya laughs.

Rudra says that when her hair are open it seems like it is inviting him and saying that he is the only one who have right on it. Then he gets a gift for Maya from the cupboard and gives it to her. Maya opens it and sees it’s a red dress. Rudra says that he knows he doesn’t like colors but this dress contains his love for her and he wants her to get colored with his love tonight. He asks her if she will give him the right to bring back colors in her life.

Maya doesn’t reply so Rudra says that it’s fine and is about to leave but Maya stops him and says that he has every right on her life. Rudra kisses her forehead. Just then Diya comes and takes Rudra away saying that Antara got a panic attack.

Rudra and Diya leave and Maya is left alone. She hugs the dress saying that tonight she will surely color herself in Rudra’s love. She looks at the mirror and just then she sees MJ standing on the door. She gets scared. MJ walks towards Maya and grabs her asking her how she feels staying in her MJ’s house with her MJ’s son. He asks her if she feels good and says that he feels great seeing that he still gets weak in front of him.

Antara panics in front of Rudra crying and saying that she is scared that something might happen to him. Rudra hugs her trying to calm her down. Antara and Diya exchange smirks.

MJ pushes Maya on the bed and touches her hair saying that Rudra is right when he says that there is something special in her hair, something that he dislikes because it’s like a sign of freedom. Maya tries grabbing the bracelet Rudra had gifted her but fails. She gets shocked seeing MJ showing a scissor to her. MJ grabs her by her hair and pulls them making her sit down. Maya cries. MJ says that it’s time to remind her that she is still the stupid girl of ten years ago. He cuts her hair. Maya gets numb recalling how they had beaten her.

MJ makes Maya stand in front of the mirror and says that this is what she is destined to be; she can’t fly with Rudra’s love and he won’t even let anyone color her life since she deserves black color only. He tears the red dress Rudra had given to Maya. The latter cries seeing it. MJ says that she is weak and will remain weak and now he will complete the work he had left incomplete in the past. He asks her to go to Rudra and tell him the truth and show if her love is stronger or her hatred. Maya cries.

Episode ends

Precap: Rudra and Maya romance. MJ is seen outside of the room. Suddenly a lot of balloons come inside the room and one blasts in front of Rudra. Maya screams his name.