Beyhadh 2 14th January 2020 Written Update: MAYA AVENGES HER CHILD’S DEATH BY TAKING RISHI’S LIFE

The episode starts with Maya giving the knife to Rishi. He cuts his wrist and hopes for MJ to stop being stubborn and accept their relationship.

On the other hand MJ says that Rishi should stop being stubborn. Antara says that he over reacted and Rishi is just a kid so he shouldn’t have locked him inside the room. MJ forbids her from opening the door of Rishi’s room and asks Antara to concentrate on Rudra’s engagement only.

Rishi starts feeling pain because of the cut.

Rudra and Ananya’s ring ceremony is about to start. Ananya asks Rudra who he is looking for. Rudra says that Rishi hasn’t come yet and this ceremony should not be done without him. Antara asks MJ to bring Rishi for Rudra who is missing his brother a lot. MJ goes to Rishi’s room but is shocked not to see him there.

Rishi falls in Maya’s lap and is extremely in pain. Maya asks him to trust her since she will not let anything happen to him.

Rudra, Antara, MJ, Diya, Dadi and Ananya are in Rishi’s room and wonders about Rishi’s whereabouts. Just then MJ and Rudra get Rishi’s video message where he is seen cutting his wrist and saying that he loves his dad but he loves his girlfriend more so he is leaving since he can’t live without her.

Rishi gets unconscious. Maya cries apologizing to Rishi.

Rudra leaves to search for Rishi. Antara cries saying that Rishi’s wrist was bleeding in the video.

Later Rudra is driving and calling his men to ask about Rishi. Then he understands where he can be and goes towards that place.

Maya looks at the bracelet Rishi wanted to gift her. She recalls her moments with Rishi who always promised her to take care of her and get her out of her darkness. She cries and apologizes to Rishi again.

Rudra reaches the place and sees Rishi’s car.

Maya says that she didn’t want to do it but she wanted to become a mother and his father snatched her child so she just took away a life in exchange of another life.

Rudra rushes upstairs and reaches the roof. He is shocked to see Rishi lying on the ground in a pool of blood. He rushes towards his brother and asks him to wake up and go home. He asks Rishi not to do any prank on him and to think about their mother. Rudra says that he used to do this drama with sauce also in childhood but he is not going to fall for it. He tries waking him up but in vain. Rudra finally realizes that Rishi is not pretending and cries. He screams Rishi’s name. Maya hears his screams. She sits in the car and recalls Rishi’s unconscious face. She is feeling agitated too while starting the car. Rudra looks at the unconscious Rishi in his arms.

Later Maya cries recalling Rishi in pain getting unconscious, asking her if nothing will happen to him with that little cut and also begging her to take him to the hospital. She is in her child’s room. She gets up and looks at the things around thinking that she was so happy when she felt the child’s heartbeats for the first time. Maya slowly moves the baby cot. She recalls the nurse telling her that she was about to become mother. Just then she imagines MJ behind her asking if she is about to become mother. She gets scared seeing him there. MJ glares at Maya who stands up.

Maya recalls MJ coming in that room years ago and asking her if she thought she will get into his house through this child. He gestures no. Maya cries recalling that moment she lost her child and says that he killed her child. She sobs sitting in a corner of the room and hits the back of her head against the wall. She again says sorry to Rishi who got the punishment for being born in Roy family. She says that she didn’t take his life but it is MJ who killed him. She adds that his death is the first step of her revenge and God has kept her alive for her revenge.

Episode ends

Precap: Antara screams seeing Rishi unconscious in Rudra’s arms. Rudra says he is dead and Antara screams louder. Later Rudra hugs Maya crying and she apologizes. He looks at her confused.