Beyhadh 2 17th February 2020 Written Update: Rudra gets hurt because of Maya

The episode starts with MJ asking Maya to go to Rudra and tell him the truth. Maya cries.
Rudra enters in the room and there is nobody inside. He realizes she is taking the shower by hearing the noise if the water. Maya is in the washroom crying while huging the dress MJ tore. Rudra asks if she is fine. Maya says she is fine and she is getting ready.

Rudra says that he can come and help. Maya says that some things must be done alone. Rudra asks her again if she is fine because he feels her voice is strange. Maya asks him to go because he needs to get ready so well that people will keep praising Mrs. Rudra Roy. Rudra says that people shall praise her and the dress her husband gave her. Maya cries hugging the dress.

Later the party starts and Rudra wonders where Maya is. Antara tells MJ that she might have escaped thankfully. MJ says that she is not one to escape or get scared or else she would not have stepped inside the house. He understands she is about to do something.

Rudra tries calling Maya. Just then he hears her voice. Everybody turns towards her. Rudra is left disappointed seeing that she isn’t wearing the dress he gave her and she also cut her hair.

Maya introduces herself to the reporters saying that she is Maya Rudra Roy, Rudra’s wife and MJ’s daughter-in-law, who is going to start a new story in the house.

Rudra leaves from there. Maya follows him. He is standing on balcony. Rudra says that he had told her that he likes her long hair and she cut them, she recalls MJ cutting it. He says that he gave her the dress in which he put his love but she didn’t wear it. He adds that she could have simply refused. She recalls MJ tearing the dress. Rudra is about to leave but Maya stops him and says that they are two bodies but one soul.

Rudra places his hand on her face. Maya cups his face too and says that his love is in her soul so he shouldn’t look for it in her hair or dress. Rudra says that sometimes what you can see isn’t something to trust. He says that he is simple and gave her everything, his life, his heart and also the right to break his heart. He leaves.

MJ comes there saying that relations are strange. Maya, who gets scared, is about to leave but MJ stops her and says congratulates to her for the first fight. He wishes for her to face such fights continuosly and leave her one day. He says that when Rudra will leave him, nobody except him will be there for her and she knows very well where he can bring her. Maya recalls how he tried killing her. MJ steps closer to Maya but just then Diya comes. Maya leaves.

Diya tells MJ that he should have kept Maya away from Rudra, not going closer to her. MJ says that he can do whatever he wanta and he hasn’t given her the right to stop him.

Rudra recalls Maya’s words about his love being in her. He thinks he shouldn’t have spoken to Maya like this.
Ananya comes in the party. Rudra goes to her but she starts arguing and taunting him and Maya who joins them. Ananya says that she brought a wedding gift for them and gives some papers to Rudra who gets shocked seeing that she is breaking their partnership for RuAn publications. He says that this company was their dream. Ananya replies that he is not the only one who has right to break dreams and leaves. Rudra gets teary eyes.

Maya looks at Ananya thinking that she shouldn’t have made Rudra cry and now she has to pay for it. She follows Ananya and is about to hit her with a fork when Rudra comes and makes her turn. Ananya goes on the lift and turns around seeing them. She leaves.

Rudra asks Maya not to talk with Ananya because she must not insult her more. Maya says that she can’t see him hurt. Rudra says that he knows she loves him but he needs time to understand her love. He says that there might be something wrong with him only. Maya says that it’s nothing like this. He leaves. Maya cries. MJ looks at her from a corner thinking that she can’t defeat him.
Episode ends

Precap: MJ brings Nandini in the Roy Mansion. Diya says that Maya should have told about her marriage to her mother at least. Later Maya is seen choking Diya saying that she will be the one to get finished first.