Beyhadh 2 17th January 2020 Written Update: MAYA’S NEXT TARGET: RUDRA’S DEATH

The episode starts with Maya asking Rudra if he feels that Rishi’s girlfriend is behind his death and Rudra replies that he doesn’t feel so but MJ thinks that so he has to find that girl and save her from that devil MJ. He apologizes to Maya for involving her in all this and says that it’s easy to talk with her. Rudra receives Ananya’s call and Maya asks him if she knows that he is at her house. Rudra replies that even he didn’t know that he would have come here.
On the other hand MJ tells Amir that he will find Rishi’s girlfriend and kill her because he is sure that she has been involved in everything that happened in Rishi’s life recently.

After Amir leaves, Diya comes inside. MJ’s eyes wells up and Diya goes closer to him. Diya tells MJ that she is with him and will always stay with him. They come closer. Diya tells MJ that she loves him and they hug each other. Diya tells him that she had to give Antara an injection since she got anxiety attack.

MJ cries and blames himself of killing Rishi, he says that his son is gone. Diya says that he has not killed Rishi and now onwards they won’t lose anymore, she has always stood with him and now they will take the life of the person who took Rishi’s one. She says that they will win.

Rudra and Maya come outside. Beyhadh title track plays. Rudra thanks Maya for understanding him. She replies that she lost her brother too so she can feel his pain. Rudra hugs her. He breaks the hug and apologizes because he knows that she doesn’t like people touching her like this.

Maya says that he didn’t ask permission in the garden and adds that they have pain in common and there can’t be love where there is pain yet there can be friendship. She forwards a hand towards him and Rudra shakes it. He thanks her and leaves.

Later Maya is seen looking at Rudra’s picture on laptop when she feels someone’s presence and goes to open the door smiling.

Rudra comes back home. Ananya is waiting for him. She says that she is like a consolation price for him. She adds that she thought that she will be able to live with his friendship her whole life and can’t accept someone else taking her place. She says that he didn’t want to cry, he wanted to be alone yet he shared his pain with Maya only and even went to her house. She blames Rudra for lying to him. Rudra says that Maya can understand her pain because she lost her brother too. Ananya says that Rishi was like her brother too and can understand the pain as well at which Rudra says that she is claiming this while Maya just came and supported him.

On the other hand Maya’s smile disappears seeing Rajiv on the door and he asks her if she was waiting for Rudra. He tells her that he saw them hugging. Maya replies that she wanted to show it to Ananya but Rajiv says that it seemed all very real. Maya tells him that she can understand the pain of losing a brother so she supported him as she cannot forget humanity like MJ. Rajiv asks Maya if she did something to Rishi and that is why she was feeling guilty.

Maya nods and Rajiv is surprised. He cannot believe that she killed someone and says that he never questioned her past or plans but still supported her in everything she did but now he wants to know if he is supporting a killer. He asks her why and she tells him that MJ had killed her child 10 years ago and she had to hide the pain of her child’s loss for ten years, a child who was killed by MJ, his family and friends. She has flashes of getting beaten.

Rajiv asks her if she is done with her revenge since she took a life already in exchange of a life. Maya says that her revenge won’t get completed until she doesn’t teach a lesson to Diya, Antara, Jogi, Amir and MJ for their sins. She says that after they killed her child, Maya Jaisingh was born, the mysterious writer who started working in Rudra’s company and made Rishi fall in love with her.

Maya tells Rajiv that she wants to snatch MJ’s life which is in his sons and there is still one son alive. Rajiv asks Maya if she will kill Rudra and asks her how. Maya replies that she will use love, just like she did with Rishi, since love is a weapon which slowly kills a person.

After a while Nandini comes back home and gives Maya and Rajiv prasad. Rajiv gives her prasad to Maya telling her that people say that who share their prasad decide to share their lives too and declares that now he is her brother.

Nandini ties a dhaaga on Maya’s wrist and says she has prayed for nothing wrong to happen with her hands. She gives Maya also a dhaaga to tie on Rudra’s wrist since he must be broken after losing his brother whereas they have hope for Manas and her father’s comeback at least. Nandini leaves.

Rajiv tells Maya that he will always be with her but she replies that relationships make people weaker. Rajiv says that he can give his life for her at which Maya replies that she needs him alive, it’s Rudra who has to die.
Episode ends

Precap: Rudra overhears MJ asking Amir to check Rishi’s phone and find a picture of his girlfriend.
Ananya finds Maya’s portrait in Rishi’s room and wonders if she is Rishi’s girlfriend.
Maya asks Rudra to stop his father from harming Rishi’s girlfriend. Ananya comes and asks who will stop her then.