Beyhadh 2 1st April 2020 Written Update: Maya’s revenge saga begins

Beyhadh 2 1st April 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with a car is coming towards a water lake where the surface is muddy enough and water is filled with Lilies and lotus. A girl got down from the car and she takes off her overcoat and slowly goes into the water. She says just like a human moves on from old clothes , in the same way humans also let go off their old souls to get new.


The scene goes directly into a Durga Puja possession. A mid aged man is doing the veneration of goddess Durga. A married woman is approaching him and calls him as Mrityunjay from behind. He turns and sees his wife and wished each other Happy Anniversary. Their younger son Rishi is happily dancing in the possession and they called him from behind. He turns and looks at his parents happily. They proceeded for the possession when suddenly Rishi falls into water when his leg got tangled with ropes.

Everyone got worked up suddenly to save him but shocking them all a girl rescue me from the water and saved him from drowning. Rishi got mesmerized to see the girl and her beauty. She asks him if he is ok while mritunjay and his wife is running towards them. By the time they reached towards Rishi the girl already left in her card but she noted that the number of the car as he was bowled over with her aura.

In the swing centre, two persons are fighting with swords and one person falls on the floor while the other stand strong. The person who falls down takes off his mask and shares are you trying to kill me? The person who wins the challenge takes off his mask as well and apologize to him for not taking care enough. He is going out of the centre point someone blocked his way. He says I like the way you challenge to me but the time is over I need to go for my work so come tomorrow I will surely fight with you.

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The approaching person is in no mood to let him go and they started fighting. The persons approach for the fight is named as Rudra, he takes off the mask of the approaching person and realised she is a woman. he says that he doesn’t want to hurt her but she keeps on fighting and you find with hot and calls her mad and obsessed. She hurts him in the heart and says do not try to who published articles from now on. Keep your dreams in a limit. Generally limitless dreams and limited capabilities results in the loss of blood.

Rudra is taken aback with her attitude and ask her to wait but she doesn’t. Inhouse Rishi was taken care of by a family doctor and she says that he is completely fine now. Rudra comes to his office and tries to investigate who published the article that they have signed Maya Jaysingh, the best selling writer. No one is able to answer this question. Rudra comes home and meets his brother and ask him how he get drowned the water when he knows how to swim?

Rishi says I don’t know how my legs got locked in the ropes. Maya is in her house is cutting a cake with a picture of both the brothers Rudra and Rishi on it. while on the other side Mrityunjaya is celebrating his anniversary with his wife. It looks like their happy family from the front but deep in the layers they have so many conflicts between each other.

Maya says when pain goes beyond limit then it cultivate into limitless hatred. Maya says you have seen my limitless laugh till now but from now on you have to face the havoc of my limitless hatred.

Precap – Maya is setting a trap for both the brothers.