Beyhadh 2 20th March 2020 Written Update: RAJIV FINDS MAYA

Beyhadh 2 20th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Maya recognizing Rudra’s shoes and recalling having seen them on balcony. She gets up and walks towards Rudra. The latter hasn’t seen her yet. Maya and Rudra are about to come face to face when suddenly lights get switched off. When lights turn on, Rudra isn’t there.
Vikram drags Rudra in the washroom and beats him badly covering his face. He sees in the phone that Nandini has tried to escape and is now lying unconscious.

Vikram goes back to Maya and says that they have to leave now. Maya notices blood on her hands. He says he doesn’t know from where he got that. When they leave, Kaka comes in the club and claps. Everybody looks at her.
Maya and Vikram are leaving. Rajiv is there and notices Maya.

Later Vikram and Maya come back home. Vikram asks Maya to go upstairs. Maya says that she can’t go herself so Vikram lifts her in his arms and takes her to the room. Vikram places Maya on the bed and is about to leave but Maya stops him and thanks him for taking so much care of her and taking her out. She thanks him for listening to everything she says. Vikram is worried about Nandini. Maya asks him to tell her about their anniversary and birthday. Vikram gets frustrated and shouts on her.

Maya cries a bit. Vikram apologizes and gives her the album with their wedding pictures asking her to see that while he has to go for work. He leaves. Maya starts looking at pictures and has some blur flashes of her and Rudra’s marriage. She is upset because she can’t remember anything. She goes in washroom and hears someone shouting. She wonders what is happening.
The voice is the one of Nandini. Vikram frees her foot from mouse trap. She cries for pain. Vikram asks her where she was leaving. Nandini cries.

Maya comes downstairs. Vikram sees on his phone that Maya is outside the room.
Maya is looking at the door of the room where Nandini and Vikram are when suddenly Rajiv comes. Maya has some blurry flashes seeing him. Rajiv asks Maya what she is doing there since MJ and Rudra will find her there and Rudra will kill her the way she killed his brother. He asks her what she is doing there when he should be taking her revenge.

Just then Vikram comes and hits Rajiv with a rod. Rajiv falls unconscious. Maya starts feeling dizzy too. Vikram picks her in his arms and leaves.
Vikram takes Maya in her room. She cries because she doesn’t feel right there and she is unable to understand who that guy was and why nobody came to meet her after her accident. Plus she hears some voices from the pipe.

Vikram calls the security and scolds for letting a stranger come inside and asks about the voices. He tells Maya that some maintenance work is going on. Maya asks him about Rajiv. He says that he was nobody and leaves. Maya is trying to understand what is happening.

On the other hand Rudra is in his room and has some wounds on his face. He is unconscious and takes Maya’s name. Police with inspector Joseph are there too. Joseph taunts the family for the continuous attacks but nobody knows about the attacker.
Rudra gets conscious. He asks Joseph to do his job and find Maya instead of suspecting them since they are the ones who are getting attacked. Joseph leaves.

MJ is about to leave too but Rudra stops him and tells him that he saw Maya. He recalls seeing Maya in the club. MJ asks him if he is sure. Rudra asks MJ if he is sure if he shot Maya only or did someone else shoot. MJ says that he doesn’t know since he got unconscious after Maya shot. Rudra says that they will find Maya.

Meanwhile Maya still thinks about Rajiv’s words. She thinks to call the security but realizes that the wire of the phone has been cut. She wonders how Vikram called the security. Maya gets up and opens the door just to find Vikram in front of her.
(Episode ends)

Precap: Maya asks Vikram if he killed Rajiv. She cries. Vikram says she found out everything. Later MJ reaches Maya’s house. Maya seeks help.