Beyhadh 2 21st February 2020 Written Update: Maya threatens MJ after Rudra gets hurt because of him

The episode starts with Maya asking Rudra to color her. Rudra applies red paint on her cheek and then steps closer to her while she steps back and hits a box with paint which falls down. The two share same intimate romantic moments. “Anglaga le” plays. They hug.

The lift opens and MJ steps ahead. Maya hears the footsteps and opens her eyes recalling MJ beating her and cutting her hair. Suddenly the door opens and a lot of balloons drop inside the hall. Rudra looks at them smiling and says that people should learn how to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Maya recalls how once MJ had decorated the office with balloons for her and gets a bit scared. She goes to check if there is someone outside and then closes the door. MJ has hidden himself and says happy Valentine’s Day Manvi.

When Maya turns around she sees Rudra kneeling in front of her with a candle on his hand. Rudra says that he won’t move until he gets his special Valentine’s Day kiss. Maya smiles and steps towards her but suddenly a balloon drops on the candle and blasts. Maya shouts Rudra’s name. MJ rushes to check opening the door. Maya rushes to Rudra who has fallen down and asks if he is fine. Rudra opens his eyes and says that this was truly a Valentine’s Day surprise. Maya hugs him. She sees MJ behind Rudra and glares at him. MJ seems worried. Maya holds Rudra’s hand which got a burn. Rudra says it’s fine. Maya hugs him crying.

MJ rushes outside and blames himself for not realizing that gas balloons could have blasted and harmed Rudra. He says that he would have not forgiven himself if something had happened to Rudra.

Later Maya applies medicine on Rudra’s wound. Rudra says that it’s not a big injury and he could even die to see so much care for him from her side. Maya asks him not to talk about death. She asks him to promise that he won’t ever be angry with her since she doesn’t like it. Rudra apologizes for dragging his anger a lot. Maya says she has given him the right to be angry on her so she can accept his anger but won’t like it. Rudra asks her what she likes then. She replies that she likes his smile. She looks down blushing. Rudra asks her to look at him. He holds her chin and makes her look up asking her to never remove her gaze from him because he has found himself in her eyes and if she looks away he will lose himself. They hug each other. Maya apologizes because he got hurt because of her. Rudra says that it was not her fault. Maya thinks that someone tried scaring her but he got hurt. She recalls seeing MJ.

Maya sees the bracelet with pearls that he had given him. She gets up and goes to the nightstand where it is placed. She tells Rudra that this gives her courage when she needs it, it protects her and maybe now he is the one who must be protected but she can’t give it to him. She crushes the pearls of the bracelet and then puts the crumbs in the water drinking it. She goes to Rudra and says that now she is his courage.

MJ recalls the blast and Rudra’s wound on his hand. Diya calls him but he doesn’t pick up the call. Diya is seen vomiting and trying to call him again and again saying that he is never there when she needs him. MJ throws away the phone.

Maya comes there and recalls how he had beaten her. He steps towards her but Maya suddenly grabs his neck and says that one shouldn’t scare someone else so much to make the fear disappear. She says that he made a big mistake by hurting Rudra. She glares at him gritting her teeth and then pins him against the wall keeping a hold around his neck. She threatens him saying that the next time Rudra gets even a scratch, she will bury him alive. She walks away stepping on a broken frame of MJ’s picture with bare feet. MJ coughs.

Maya comes back in the room and lies next to Rudra who is sleeping. She says that he took the injury which was meant to hurt her and kisses his check saying I love you. She hasn’t realized that her foot is bleeding.

The next day Rudra opens his eyes and sees Maya looking at him and smiling. She says good morning to him. He says that it seems like she hasn’t slept whole the night. He notices her foot bleeding and gets worried. Maya says that last night some glass got broken and she got hurt. Rudra says that she should worry about herself too not only him. Maya says that she cares only about him.

On the other hand MJ recalls how Maya grabbed his neck and sees his nail signs on his neck. He breaks the mirror angrily and looks on.

Episode ends

Precap:Antara tells Diya that she has to abort the baby. MJ says that she has to kill the baby or die herself. Diya rushes to Maya and asks her to save her and apologizes for what she had done with her. Maya says that now Rudra should get to know the truth. MJ looks on shocked.