Beyhadh 2 23rd March 2020 Written Update: MAYA REALIZES THAT VIKRAM HAS DECEIVED HER

Beyhadh 2 23rd March 2020 Written Update On

The episode starts with Maya recalling Rajiv’s words and wondering who he was and whose brother he was talking about. She decides to call the security and ask but then realize that the wire of the phone has been cute. She wonders how Vikram was talking.Maya goes to open the door and finds Vikram in front of her. He asks her where she was going. She says that she was scared alone in the room so was coming to find him. Vikram hugs her and says that she shouldn’t worry as that guy has been arrested by police and also the doctor suggested her to relax. He goes to make coffee for her.

Maya starts searching for clues in room and finds her bridal lehenga. Vikram comes with coffee and asks what she is looking for. She says that she thought to change her clothes. Vikram says that the clothes are in the wardrobe. She asks him whose lehenga is that. He tells her that it’s her bridal lehenga. She has some blurry flashes of her and Rudra taking vows.
Vikram gives Maya coffee and she starts having difficulties for breathing. She asks him what was in the coffee. He says that he put hazelnut powder in it. She remembers that she is allergic to nuts. She goes to the washroom and calms herself down. Vikram asks her if she is ok. She asks him to leave her alone. He leaves.
Maya recalls what happened recently and then starts writing something. The next morning Maya comes downstairs. Vikram apologizes for what happened yesterday. Maya says that it’s ok and she wants to do something for him too. She says that she will cook for him and gives him the list of what she needs to cook. He goes to get the items. Maya wonders how he didn’t know about her allergies if he loves her so much. She starts searching for clues in the house. She finds a handkerchief with blood. It was the one Vikram had put on Rudra’s face while beating him. Maya touches it.She suddenly drops something on ground and just then she finds Vikram’s laptop and opens it. She tries unlocking it with “princess” word and is able to do that.

Vikram is in the lift, coming back home since he forgot his wallet. Maya opens the closet and gets shocked as Rajiv’s dead body falls on her. She recalls Rajiv asking her to leave and then Vikram hitting him. She realizes that Vikram had lied when he said that Rajiv had been taken away by police.
Vikram comes back home and looks around for Maya. He rushes in her room and sees that she is on the bed. Maya is crying but tries not to make noise so that he thinks that she is sleeping.

Vikram leaves and goes to take his wallet. Just then he notices Rajiv’s sleeve coming out from closet. He opens it and sees that Rajiv has his back towards him and realizes that his position has been changed.
On the other hand Nandini cries recalling Maya taking care of her. She wonders where she is and thinks that she would have never let anything happen to her. She is sure that Rudra is searching for Maya and hopes the two are together and safe. Meanwhile MJ is on videocall with Sudhir and tells him that he can feel that Maya is somewhere there. Sudhir warns him that if Rudra reaches Maya, he will get to know about whatever they did. He says that thankfully Rudra sent Ananya to London. MJ says that Maya won’t reach his family, he will reach her first.

Maya is about to get up but just then Vikram comes there humming. He sits near her and says that she got to know everything. She looks at him scared.(Episode ends)

Precap: Vikram tries coming closer to Maya who hits him with pan and then the stick. She goes out of the house. Vikram follows her. Maya reaches the room in which Nandini is closed.