Beyhadh 2 24th February 2020 Written Update: Maya’s plan against Diya gets successful

The episode starts withRudra removing glass pieces from Maya’s foot. She smiles looking at Rudra who applies medicine on her wound. Female version of title track plays. Rudra feels Maya’s pain and closes his eyes but she keeps looking at her smiling.

Diya calls MJ asking him to meet but he refuses at first. Diya says that he has to meet her or else he will not be able to face anyone. MJ cuts the call saying that all women of the house have turned mad.

Antara sees a waiter with lots of gifts boxes and asks him where he is taking them. He replies that Rudra ordered them for Maya. Antara thinks that Manvi is using her son Rudra who isn’t even realizing her game.

Rudra gives the gifts to Maya who asks him the reason. He says he doesn’t need any reason to give her gifts. He opens the boxes and there are colorful dresses in them. He asks her if she will wear. She asks him to choose one for her and he chooses one.

Maya comes out wearing the dress Rudra chose for her and he is left mesmerized by her. He stands behind her and they look at the mirror. Rudra says that today she will make his Maya ready. He makes her sit and makes her wear earrings. He kneels in front of her and kisses her hand.

Maya tells him that his love has changed her since she cannot think about anything else when he is with her. Rudra says that love makes everything else forget. He says that once she starts looking at herself with his eyes, she will love herself too. Maya hugs her.

Diya, Antara, Nandini, Rajiv and MJ sit on breakfast. Nandini has prepared food. Rudra and Maya come. Antara notices the wound on Rudra’s hand and asks what happened. She blames Maya. Nandini says that she loves Rudra so she can’t do that. Rudra agrees and says that she treated the wound instead. He apologizes to Maya saying that Antara gets easily worried after Rishi’s death.

Maya says that she understands the concern of dears. Nandini sees her wound on her feet and asks what happened. Maya says that there was an old frame bothering her and she broke it. She recalls stepping on MJ’s frame. Rajiv notices scratches on MJ’s neck and asks which cat caused them. He pulls Antara’s leg. She walks away. Rudra whispers to Maya welcoming her to the family and saying it is a bit crazy. Maya replies that they aren’t crazier than her.

Antara and MJ come in the room and they argue because of the scratch. He says that these scratches aren’t what she thinks. Diya comes and MJ asks her to make Antara understand but Diya questions him instead asking who gave him these scratches, another girl or an old relation. Antara leaves angrily reminding MJ that she had asked her to keep his ugly affairs out of the house. MJ argues with Diya who reveals him that she is pregnant.

Maya overhears everything from outside and recalls mixing a drug in Diya’s drink during the party. She thinks that Diya couldn’t understand that whatever she is feeling is the result of the drug and the pregnancy is as fake as her but this fake pregnancy will bring her truth in front of the world.

MJ asks Diya how she could let this happen. Diya says that it’s also his fault and cries. He hugs her and apologizes saying that they can’t deal with this problem now. Diya gets shocked and looks at him. He asks her to abort the baby because there is no place for the child in their life. Maya smirks recalling how Diya had tried aborting her baby and thinks that now MJ’s biggest support will become his biggest enemy.

Later Diya does her xerography but machine doesn’t show anything. She wonders if the test was wrong but just then the images appear. Rajiv calls Maya and tells her that he made it on time.

Maya says that now only one work is left. Rudra comes and asks what work. He gives her another dress and asks her to come to the office wearing it. Maya says that there is a lot of work at home. Rudra insists. Maya asks him why he is insisting. He says that he misses her in the office. Maya denies going in the office. Rudra makes a face.

She asks him if he is angry and he says yes. Maya says that he isn’t going to convince him now. Rudra calls her mean and stone hearted. She makes a cute face and asks him if he really thinks that. He melts and asks her to give him something that will not make him miss her. He expects a kiss but she simply whispers I love you in his ear and then pushes him out of the room.

Someone knocks at the door and Maya thinks it’s Rudra but it’s MJ. The two glare at each other.

Episode ends

Precap: Maya says that today is the first day of her revenge. MJ and Antara order Diya to abort the baby but she refuses and goes to Rudra and Maya asking them to help and save her. Maya says that now Rudra should know the truth.