Beyhadh 2 24th March 2020 Written Update: Maya tries escaping from Vikram

Beyhadh 2 24th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikram asking Maya if she came to know everything. Maya asks Vikram why he killed Rajiv and how he could kill someone. Vikram says that if he had made him get arrested police would have left him after slapping him and he thinks he deserves more since he tried scaring her. Maya says that she got scared because she doesn’t remember him and couldn’t recognize him. Vikram places his head on her lap and says that whoever will scare her will get punished.

Maya cries and says that he is mad. She asks him to leave her. Vikram says that she doesn’t know how much he waited for her so he can’t simply ask him to leave. He shouts at Maya asking her not to cry or else he gets angry. He says that he will go to get the ingredients and then she has to cook Italian. Maya gets scared and looks at her nodding. Vikram goes out of the room but then he comes back and says that he won’t leave her now.

Later Vikram is seen wrapping Rajiv’s dead body with plastic paper while Maya is in the kitchen. He asks her to keep telling her what she is doing while cooking. She does that.

Vikram goes to take tape. Maya tries escaping but then she goes back to kitchen hearing Vikram’s footsteps. Vikram asks him to keep telling the recipe. He says that they shall get some wine too. He looks at Nandini’s picture and asks her permission to drink wine. Maya looks at it.

The doorbell rings. Vikram goes to take the parcel. Maya tries making gestures to seek help of the delivery boy. She deliberately drops some dishes to make noise. The guy steps inside the house feeling that there is something fishy. Vikram is about to hit him from behind but then Maya says that he dropped some things only. The guy leaves.

Vikram goes to Maya and asks her to promise that she will never change. Maya stays silent. Vikram goes to continue wrapping Rajiv’s body.

Maya makes the dish burn and starts coughing. Vikram goes to her. She hits him with bottle and then pan. She runs away. Vikram tries stopping her but she hits him again.

She goes out of the flat and tries opening the lift but in vain so she walks towards the door in corridor. She enters in that room and sees Nandini there. She has some blurry flashes. Nandini looks at her. Maya removes the cloth from her mouth. Nandini cries. Maya sees her wound on her foot. Nandini asks her where Rudra is. Maya asks who Rudra is.

At the same time Rudra finds the shirt on which he and Maya had left their footstep print. He recalls their moments. Title track plays.

Vikram enters in the room and Maya immediately hugs Nandini. Vikram glares at them.

Episode ends

Precap: Nandini asks Maya to run away from there and tells her that Vikram is not her husband. Vikram comes there and says that they have crossed the “LakshmanRekha” and since they have broken the rule, one has to die. He says that Maya has to stay with him so it’s Nandini who has to die. On the other hand MJ and Amir what CCTV footage of the club where Rudra was attacked and sees Maya’s back.