Beyhadh 2 26th February 2020 Written Update: Maya proves to Rudra that Diya is mentally unstable

The episode starts withDiya rushing out of the room and dashing into Rudra who was coming inside with Maya. Diya asks him to save her or else MJ will kill her. Rudra asks her what happened to her. Diya goes to Maya and asks her to save her and tell whole the truth. Rudra asks MJ and Antara what happened.

Diya stands behind Maya. MJ is about to say something to Rudra but Maya stops him saying that Rudra should be told the truth now. Rudra goes to MJ and asks him what is the truth and what has he hidden from him.

Meanwhile Diya apologizes to Maya who recalls what she has done with her in the past. Maya grabs her hands and puts them on her own neck. She pretends like Diya is choking her. Rudra rushes to her and pulls Maya away from Diya asking her what she is doing.

Diya is about to go out of the room but Aamir comes and holds her. Diya asks him to leave her or else her baby will get harmed. Rudra gets confused hearing that but gets a bigger shock when Diya tells him that the baby is MJ’s. Rudra asks MJ what the hell is this. Maya says that she will tell him. She holds Rudra’s arm and tells him that Diya was behaving weirdly since the day they got married and she told that to Antara and MJ who asked her not to tell anything to him.

Diya says that she is lying and she is pregnant. Maya says that she is continuously saying that she is pregnant and the child is MJ’s. She asks MJ to confirm that and he nods in agreement. Diya blames all of them for lying and asks Rudra to get her test done if he wants.

Later everybody goes in the hospital and doctor tells Diya that she isn’t pregnant. Diya is shocked and tells Rudra that she has done the ultrasound in the morning and had seen herself that she is pregnant. Rudra asks the doctor if she is sure that Diya isn’t pregnant.

Doctor says that her hormonal level is high but not because she is pregnant and asks her if she takes drugs. Maya denies that and suggests Rudra to admit Diya in a psychiatrist facility. Diya cries saying she isn’t mad but pregnant. Rudra says that they cannot send her to a mental asylum but Maya replies that she is talking about psychiatrist facility where she must be sent before she harms herself or someone else.

Rudra says that Diya was completely fine till yesterday. Maya lies that they have been hiding from him about her weird behavior and accusations against MJ. She looks at MJ and tells Rudra that Diya have been calling him characterless and bad person. Diya denies that. Maya asks MJ to confirm that. MJ recalls Diya accusing him in front of Rudra who even questioned him and says that Maya is right and they shall admit Diya into hospital as soon as possible.

Antara starts acting too and goes to Diya asking her what shock she got. She says that she didn’t want Rudra to see this condition of hers and hugs her. Antara tells Rudra that everything that has been said is true. Diya freaks out and cries asking them why they are doing this with her. Maya hugs her and says it’s ok. She whispers in her ear asking her to accept that she got shock otherwise MJ will do what he had done with her ten years ago.

Rudra makes Diya sit and asks her if she takes substances. Diya recalls Maya’s words and asks Rudra to save her since she needs help. She cries and hugs Rudra who comforts her. Maya smirks.

Later Rajiv and Nandini are seen making samosa and talking about Diya. Nandini says that as long as Maya’s in laws are fine, it’s all ok. Rajiv coughs hearing that and says that only Rudra is nice in this house. Nandini tells him that Antara keeps drinking.

On the other hand Diya is locked in a room of the psychiatrist facility. She looks at Antara and MJ through the window on the door and asks them to take her out crying but they leave. Diya cries and when she looks up, she faces Maya. Diya asks her what she has done with her baby.

Maya says that she did what she tried doing with her in the past. She reveals her that she had given her a drug which increased her hormonal level and also the ultrasound was nothing else but a tape. Diya bashes her. Maya says that she snatched her freedom since she had snatched her child and leaves while Diya cries.

Rajiv asks Amir how many days Diya will stay locked there. Amir says that she will come out as soon as she will get fine. Rajiv mocks Diya. MJ comes and grabs his shirt asking him reasons to spare him and not kill him. Maya comes and stands between Rajiv and MJ. She tells that she has no reasons to give him but she can give him three consequences: Maya, Maya and Maya.

MJ blames her for what happened to Diya. She says that he is right and asks him to wonder who among his supporters will be the next one to leave. Antara is about to say something but Maya asks her not to interrupt her or else she might be the next one. MJ and Antara glare at Maya who looks straight into MJ’s eyes.

Episode ends

Precap: MJ tells Rudra that there is something about Maya he has to tell him. Later Rudra goes in the room and Maya is about to hug him but he stops her and takes her down. Nandini asks him why he called all of them downstairs. He says that he has to show something about Maya.