Beyhadh 2 26th March 2020 Written Update: Maya gains her memory back

Beyhadh 2 26th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Maya asking Vikram how he can treat his love like this since he has chained her like an animal. Vikram apologizes and frees her hands. Maya asks Vikram to prove his love. Vikram says that he loves her a lot but can’t let her go out. Maya says that she doesn’t want to go out but he shall get Rajiv’s dead body out of the house since it makes her very uncomfortable. Vikram says that nothing that makes her uncomfortable will be around her. He asks her not to worry about that and leaves after kissing her forehead. Maya fakes a smile and then breaths a sigh of relief once he has gone.

Vikram touches Nandini’s feet. She gets scared. He goes to grab Rajiv’s dead body and drags it away. A knife gets dropped on the floor. Nandini looks at it.

On the other hand Maya writes Help on a paper and throws it down.

Rudra and Amir are sitting in the car. Amir asks Rudra what they are doing under Maya’s building. Rudra says that he feels Maya is there only. Amir says that Maya cannot be in her old house and says that he is much smarter than this. Just then Maya writes help in paper and throws it on Rudra’s car seeing it parked down.

Rudra and Amir come out of the car and read the chit. Amir says that some kids must be playing. Rudra says that it could be Maya asking help too. Amir says that Maya has never been so helpless. Amir indicates some kids and Rudra gets convinced that they must be playing only. They get back in car. Maya throws another paper ball down but Rudra and Amir are already gone.

Maya manages to open the door of the room and goes out. She reaches Nandini and frees her hands. She uncovers her mouth and asks her not to make noise. She says that they shall leave from there right now but Nandini’s foot is hurting. Vikram is seen dragging Rajiv’s dead body. Nandini asks Maya to leave since she won’t be able to walk with such a wound on her foot but she should save herself. Maya refuses to leave her with Vikram. Nandini insists that she should escape or else Vikram won’t spare them.

Vikram comes back and Nandini goes back on her position while Maya hides behind the sofa before he could see them. Vikram sits near Nandini and asks her if she was trying to escape and get Maya with her too. He asks her how many times she will break rules and adds that Maya has understood too but she isn’t ready to understand so now he will do something with Maya.

Vikram is about to go to Maya’s room but Nandini grabs a knife placed on the ground and threatens Vikram saying that she doesn’t want Maya to fall weak in front of him neither she wants to become her daughter’s weakness. She cuts her wrist. Maya gets shocked seeing that.

Vikram kneels near Nandini who has died and asks what she has done and if she doesn’t care about her daughter. He says that he has just packed one dead body and has to meet Maya yet and now she has given her another work to do. He says that he will go upstairs to meet Maya first and then he will come back and do her packing too. He leaves.

Maya sees Nandini’s wrist bleeding and has flashes of Rishi dying after cutting his wrist. She starts having flashes from past remembering how she faked love with Rishi and then killed him, her moments with Rudra, how she fell in love with him, how her truth came out in front of Rudra, MJ threatening her that Rudra will hate her and then she and MJ shooting each other. Maya looks at her mother and recalls Nandini asking her why Rudra didn’t come to save them. She cries.

Episode ends

Precap: Maya grabs Vikram’s neck and asks her why he did that. She asks him if he doesn’t trust her. She says that she can’t understand his methods but can see love in his eyes. Vikram suggests to spend a night together just like a normal couple. Maya agrees and says that she will make dessert for him. They hug. Maya smirks.

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