Beyhadh 2 27th February 2020 Written Update: MJ uses Rudra to scare Maya

The episode starts with Maya and Rajiv talking. She says that Rudra cannot get to know her truth or else he will hate her and he will leave her. They say good night to each other and then leave to their respective rooms.

Maya comes in her room and sees Rudra sitting on the floor. She asks him what happened. He is tensed about what happened today with Diya and shares with Maya that if Diya hadn’t hit her, he would have believed that MJ had an affair. He says that he loves his father a lot but is aware of his past and knows that he is capable of having an affair.

MJ and Antara are in their room. MJ sits next to Antara and looks at her. He says that he is very lucky to have a wife like her and thanks her. Antara gets up and is about to have a drink but MJ takes the alcohol jug from her and fills the glass for her. MJ thanks her for supporting him despite what happened with Diya today. He praises her but Antara cuts him and says that she knows she is just a supporting character in his life and she will keep bearing all this because she loves him and Rudra but she also warns him not to drag this thing further or else she will snatch the ground under his feet.

On the other hand Maya covers Rudra’s eyes with a black cloth and says that there is a surprise for him. She takes him to the balcony and uncovers his eyes. He sees that she has put a sofa on the balcony and decorated it with lights. He asks her what is all this. Maya takes him on sofa and they sit together. She tells him that whenever she was worried about something, she used to go to sleep on the roof and look at the sky. They lie down and look at the sky. Maya says that she used to think that one day she will not be there but these stars will always remain there and they appear only when the darkness gets intense. She looks at him. He asks her what she is looking at. She replies that she is looking at her star. Rudra says that he is looking at his star too. He apologizes because she always understands what he needs but he has never given her peace since the day she has come in the house. Maya says that he is her peace. They hold hands. Beyhadh title track plays while Maya places her head on his chest and closes her eyes. Just then Rudra gets MJ’s call and says he is coming.

MJ is in his office and says that he will win this game. Rudra comes and asks him what happened. MJ says that he needs to talk to him about Maya.

The next day Maya wakes up and see that Rudra is not in the room. She looks around for him. Rudra comes inside the room and asks her to come downstairs. She asks him if everything is fine. He replies that she will get to know once downstairs. They leave.

Rudra and Maya reach in the living area and whole the family has gathered there. Nandini asks Rudra why he called them all there. He says that he has to show them something about Maya. He says that he has to show her book. Rajiv says that it isn’t completed yet. Rudra says that the cover of the book is ready though and brings a box. He opens it and shows the cover of the book “Beyhadh” by Maya Jaisingh. Nandini praises it. Maya says that it’s beautiful. Rudra says that there is a surprise left and kneels in front of Maya opening the book. There is a ring inside it. Maya gets nervous recalling how MJ had proposed her in the same way in the past. She glares at MJ who claps and asks Maya what happened and if she didn’t like the ring. Rudra asks Maya to give the hand. She hesitantly brings her hand ahead and Rudra makes her wear the ring. She recalls MJ doing the same.

Rudra tells Maya that MJ got this ring for her. He says that this ring is also a promise towards her. He says the same words that MJ had told Maya while proposing her ten years ago. Maya recalls that moment. Rudra thanks MJ for writing these lines and hugs him. MJ glares at Maya smirking and says that the past will not leave her and her love which is supposed to be her strength will ruin her.

MJ goes to Maya and holds his hand. He is about to touch her cheek but she rushes away. Rudra follows her. Nandini is about to go behind her but Rajiv stops her saying that Rudra will handle this. Nandini and Rajiv leave.

Antara calls MJ disgusting and leaves. MJ says that he has to remind her about her place.

Maya comes back in the room and looks at the ring. She gets a hammer from the drawer and is about to break the ring with it but just then Rudra comes in the room and she stops. Rudra tells Maya that she doesn’t need to wear the ring if she doesn’t like it. She is about to remove it but Maya stops him and says that she knows that her love is her strength and one day it will remove all her pain. Rudra says that there is no need to wear the ring though but Maya says that there is his love in it. He kisses her hand. They hug. Rudra says that also MJ would have felt bad if she had rejected the ring. Maya looks on angrily.

Episode ends

Precap: MJ tells Maya that Rudra’s love will not let her remove the ring and her hatred for him will not let her wear it. He says that the ring will remind her about his touch. Maya grabs a knife and cuts her finger. Blood drops fall scar MJ’s face.