Beyhadh 2 27th March 2020 Written Update: MJ finds out that Maya is in her old house

Beyhadh 2 27th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Maya looking at Nandini’s dead body on the floor. She recalls Nandini asking her why Rudra didn’t come to save them. She cries and walks towards her.  She looks at her wound on her wrist and cries hugging her. Maya recalls her moments with her mother. “Luka Chuppi” plays. She remembers Nandini asking her to escape.

Just then Maya hears Vikram’s footsteps and leaves. Vikram comes in the hall and sees only Nandini’s dead body there. He hears water noise coming from Maya’s washroom and thinks she is taking shower.

Maya is actually sitting in a corner of the washroom while hugging her legs and crying. She recalls whatever happened with her in the past ten years: MJ’s betrayal, Vikram saving her, their marriage, her revenge plan, Rishi’s death, her moments with Rudra, MJ shooting her, Vikram hitting Rajiv and Nandini cutting her wrist. She covers her mouth with both her hands so that Vikram doesn’t hear her. She asks sorry to Rajiv and her mother.

On the other hand Rudra recognizes Maya’s hand writing on the paper in which she had written “help” but MJ says that it could be also Maya’s plan to deceive them and asks him not to run behind little clues.

Vikram comes back in Maya’s room. Maya grabs his collar and asks him why he did that. Vikram gets confused. Maya asks him why he locked her in the room and cries saying that he doesn’t trust him even a bit. She hugs him crying. Vikram apologizes. Maya asks him how they can stay together in this condition. She says that she cannot understand his methods but she can see love in his eyes and she wants to show her love to him too. She cries and begs him to give her a normal life. Vikram agrees. Maya hugs him and says that she wants to cook for him again and asks him to tell Nandini to join them for dinner. Vikram lies that Nandini is sleeping after having medicine and says that they will have a dinner together like a normal couple. Maya says that he will make a special dessert for him.

Meanwhile Rudra shows the paper with help written on it to a handwriting specializer. The latter tells him that the handwriting is not matching at all with the one of Maya. Rudra leaves frustrated. MJ gives the man some money and thanks him. The handwriting specializer asks him if he is thanking him for coming there or for lying to his son since the handwritings are completely matching. He asks MJ why he wants to hide it from his son. MJ tells him that he doesn’t want Rudra to involve in all this since he has already lost one son and doesn’t want to lose another.

Later Maya is in the kitchen making dessert while Vikram is watching a crime show. He laughs saying that they show anything. Maya glares at him.

In the night Maya is seen putting wine in glasses. She hears the doorbell. Vikram goes to open the door and sees it’s MJ. Maya sees him through the window and has flashes of MJ threatening her, cutting her hair and Rudra defending her. She also recalls Rishi’s video and MJ threatening her to show the video to Rudra who would hate him. She also remembers them shooting each other.

Vikram asks MJ to come inside and shakes hands with him praising him and saying that he is a big fan of him. MJ says that there was someone in this house before. Vikram takes Maya’s name. MJ looks on.

Episode ends

Precap: Maya gives dessert to Vikram who says that he loves her so much that he can also eat poison for her. He eats the dessert and falls down choking. On the other hand Amir and MJ burn a paper while standing under the fire alarm of Maya’s building.