Beyhadh 2 28th January 2020 Written Update: Maya manipulates Rudra’s emotions

The episode starts with Maya writing on her diary that today is Rudra’shaldi function and there is happiness in Roy family but they don’t know that there is Maya’s stamp on Rudra now and that will get removed only after his death.

Ananya enters in Rudra’s room when he is looking at Maya’s nails’ sign on his chest. He immediately covers himself. Ananya asks him why he is feeling shy like she has seen him shirtless for the first time. She goes to help him wearing the sherwani and asks Rudra why he didn’t pick up her calls yesterday. She says that she thought he was at his bachelor party but then realized that he hasn’t friends except her. Ananya requests Rudra to pick up her calls at least until her parents are there. Just then Antara and Shalini come there to take Ananya and Rudra down. Antara compliments Ananya who is looking very pretty. Ananya holds Rudra’s hand and Shalini looks at them.

Later people are applying haldi on Ananya and Rudra. The latter keeps recalling his moments with Maya from last night. Shalini tells Ananya’s father that Rudra’s face looks like the one of someone who has been forced to get married. He asks her not to overthink as every groom looks like that only. Ananya goes to apply haldi on Rudra’s face and cries remembering Rishi. MJ asks her not to cry as Rishi would have been the happiest if he was there.

Nandini sees Maya smiling while praying and says that she is seeing a smile on her face while praying after a lot of time. Maya says that the reason of her smile is peace which she got after a long time. Nandini says that she thought that this smile was because of Rudra at which Maya replies that old wounds can’t be healed like this. Nandini asks her to close the windows at least or else wind will blow out the diyas. Maya says that they will keep lighting as they have to burn Roy family.

Antara dances on “Gudnaalishqmitha”. Antara joins her and they dance together. Then Rudra and Ananya start dancing too. At a certain point Rudra stops dancing and recalls his last night moments with Maya.

Maya is seen preparing haldi. Rajiv asks her if she is sure that she will go to interrupt Rudra’shaldi ceremony in Roy Mansion. Maya says that Rudra will come there. Rajiv thinks that it is impossible that Rudra will come after what she did to him last night and if he actually comes, he will wonder who the crazy one between the two is. Maya says that Rudra is crazy for her only.

Rudra receives Maya’s call but doesn’t pick it up. He then receives a message from her but before he can reply, Ananya’s father comes and says that there is one ritual left which is the one of tearing kurta. He tears Rudra’skurta and Ananya is able to see signs of nails on his chest. Before anyone can notice them, Ananya applies haldi on them and says that she is his bride so it was her right to apply haldi first. She takes Rudra away.

Rudra and Ananya are in the room. Rudra thanks Ananya for saving him downstairs. Ananya says that she is used to it and hadn’t she applied haldi, he would have been death. She says that she knows that these signs aren’t of fencing but are caused by something he has apparently been doing whole the night. Rudra tells her that last night Maya came and had organized a bachelor party for him without his knowledge, she was drunk and did all this. Rudra asks Ananya to trust him. Ananya replies that she trusts him but she doesn’t trust Maya. She leaves.

Rudra receives a message from Maya. It’s a picture which is getting loaded but just then he receives a call from office and gets to know that Maya had come and has taken her stuff and gone. The picture has loaded and Rudra is shocked to see Maya throwing the pages of her book in the water of a pool. Ananya enters and asks Rudra why he is so agitated. Rudra tells her that Maya has left their company.

Rudra calls Maya and asks her what she is doing. She replies that she is just distancing herself from him since he doesn’t deserve her if he thinks she is unworthy. He says that he can get only the whole Maya, not only her book or anything. She cuts the call. Rudra tells Ananya that Maya is gone and has taken her book with her. Ananya tries convincing him that they don’t need Maya anymore since now RuAn publications is part of Roy business. Rudra says that he needs Maya and then corrects himself saying that he needs Maya’s book which is his identity and he can’t lose his identity just because his father is with him now. He says that he is going to talk to her and Ananya insists that she will come along him but he asks her to stay at home otherwise people will question them. He asks her to trust him and then leaves. Ananya thinks that she trusts him but she doesn’t trust Maya.

On the other hand Maya is seen lying on the poolside and smirking.

Later Rudra comes there and sees Maya throwing pages of her book in water. Rudra reminds Maya that she had said that her book was her soul and she is breaking her soul. Maya blames him of breaking her soul. Rudra says that he won’t let anything happen to her, her soul or her book. He removes his shoes and gets into the water. Maya says that he sold her soul by joining hands with his father and she hadn’t trusted his father but only him. Rudra asks Maya to trust him but she says that she can’t trust him after he broke her trust. Rudra tells her that she and her book are very important for him that is why he has jumped into water even though he doesn’t know how to swim. Maya looks at Rudra while he struggles to grab all the pages of her book. He eventually starts sinking and asks Maya to help him as he doesn’t know how to swim but  Maya doesn’t move even a bit.

Rudra is about to sink but just then Maya grabs his hand. She grabs his collar and pulls Rudra closer. She says that he has put his life in danger for her and people do like this only for the person they love. She asks him to confess that he loves her. Just then Ananya comes there and sees them together. She shouts Rudra’s name. Rudra and Maya look at her.

Episode ends

Precap: Ananya asks Rudra to do a favor for her. Ananya takes him out of the room and declares in front of the family that there won’t be any sangeet or cocktail party but instead the wedding will take place tomorrow itself. MJ agrees. Maya is seen throwing stuff here and there enraged and shouting that Rudra can’t do this with her.