Beyhadh 2 30th March 2020 Written Update: VIKRAM ASKS MAYA TO CHOOSE HIM OVER RUDRA

Beyhadh 2 30th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikram telling MJ that Maya was a big fan of him too and says that she had a lot of articles related to him. He asks him if Maya is his lover or girlfriend. MJ asks him when he bought this house. Vikram lies that he bought it a while ago but completed payment three days before only. He pretends to have kids and calling them. MJ asks him if he knows about Maya’s whereabouts. Vikram says that he heard that she has shifted in some big house near there. MJ asks him to let him know if he gets to know anything and leaves.

MJ goes back in the car where Amir tells him that he was sure that Maya wasn’t in her old house. MJ says that Maya is there only and now she will come out herself. Amir asks how. MJ looks on.
On the other hand Maya and Vikram sit to have dinner together. Maya asks Vikram to have dessert first. Vikram holds the dessert Maya made and says that dessert gets better when there is poison in it but he loves her so much that he can also have poison for her. He eats the dessert and falls on the floor choking. Vikram says that he doesn’t want to die without him and gives himself an injection.

Vikram sits on the chair and tells Maya that he knows she remembers everything. He tells her that he saw her crying and hugging Nandini after her death and recalls seeing her putting poison in the dessert through CCTV camera. He also says that if she didn’t remember anything then she would have shout for help from MJ but he saw her hiding after MJ came in the house. Maya blames Vikram for killing Nandini but Vikram says that she cut her wrist herself. He cups her face and says that Nandini would have stayed happy with but she came between them so she had to go. He asks her where she wants to go leaving him and also if she wants to go to Rudra.

Maya gets sad and recalls her moments with Rudra. “Beyhadh” female title track plays while Maya has flashes of her and Rudra and cries. Vikram cups her face and pins her to the wall saying that Rudra’s love for her disappeared after she shot MJ and now he just hates her. Vikram shows Maya a video of Rudra saying that Maya is a murderer and if she has died then it’s fine or else he will find her and kill her. Maya falls on her knees and cries recalling Rudra defending her when Antara was accusing her of killing Rishi and then MJ warning her that Rudra will hate her since she is his brother’s murderer.

Vikram says that hatred is a very bad thing and can’t disappear. He tells Maya that he has never hated her even after what she did with him because he loves her. He asks her to choose him only since he is the only one who loves him. Vikram says that he can give his life for her and also snatch it. Meanwhile MJ burns a newspaper and puts it near the fire alarm so it starts ringing. Hearing it, Vikram helps Maya standing up and says that they need to move but Maya stops understanding that it’s MJ who wants her to come out. She asks Vikram to believe her and if he doesn’t trust her then he can go out locking her inside and see. Vikram is hesitant.

MJ sees people coming downstairs and one among them is also Vikram who is carrying a kid in his arms. MJ goes back to the car where he sees a chit by Maya. She has written that he won’t be able to catch her now since she is like a free. He gets angry. Vikram looks at him and recalls Maya’s words. The kid he was carrying was the child of a lady of the building and he had offered his help to her just to deceive MJ whom he had told that he has a family. He thinks that Maya is smart and knows MJ very well, now MJ won’t come back to search her there thinking that she has already gone. (Episode ends)

Precap: Maya asks Vikram to help her. Vikram says that he will always be with her. Maya tells him that there are still some sinners who are left and they had beaten his princess. Vikram says that all of them will die. Maya shows him MJ’s picture first and says that he knows him already. Vikram says that there is another person who has to die after all of them. Maya asks who. As soon as Vikram takes Rudra’s name, Maya grabs his collar.

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