Beyhadh 2 3rd April 2020 Written Update: Maya and Rudra make a deal

Beyhadh 2 3rd April 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Maya comes to her car and gets inside and suddenly her phone alarm rings and she panicked and ran to her house and finds out the oven got heated and it is about to burst. She saw someone is sitting at the stares and is trying to call someone. She becomes normal and walks toward the lady and calls her as mother. That lady says once I wanna talk to him as today is his birthday and he will surely talk to me today as I made his favourite cake. Maya sits beside her and says he is your son so he will surely talk to you as he is your son. Maya hugs her and says some bonds get broken and ties people together in the process. Maya says to her that she needs to learn to let go of such relationships.

Mom says some bonds can never be forgotten and Maya consoles her and says the relation of us with my brother and father is broken long ago. Maya calls someone on speaker and it turns out to be Manas and she says Happy Birthday Manas while eating the burned cake. MJ and his wife are discussing about Rudra and his company, Rishi sys compromise with my brother so if we are together no one will be able to defeat us.

MJ asks family members about where is Rudra whereas Rudra is drinking and crying and says I hate Maya whereas Rishi says I love Maya and thinks from childhood I want to become a chemist, “A healer of the pain of people”. MJ comes to the room of Rishi and noticed the painting of a woman, he is going to see it when he noticed the mark of rope in his ankle and realized it was not a mere accident or coincidence. MJ says I am not an idiot to conclude all these are mere coincidence someone is surely behind my kids. Maya says coincidences are a second name of fortune or destiny. Destiny does not spare anyone in the long run.

In the morning, Ananya comes to the office and finds Rudra in the office. He says our company is going to sign Maya Jai Singh and tries to contact Maya. Maya sends a text to Rishi and asks to meet whereas Rudra is waiting for her reply. Ananya says you must have mistaken someone else as Maya.

Rudra says I won’t get defeated like this and will never take help from MJ. He left to meet Maya and meets at a restaurant with her and ordered on her behalf. He asks her if coffee is sugar free then why this cake? Maya says you researched a lot about me so you should say. He says maybe to tone down the bitterness of life and Maya says my cake is sugar free, you are just wasting my time.

Rudra says I want to tell the world who is Maya and from where she came? Maya saya if you get to know about us then it is the reality and if you accept it as it is then it is Maya. Rudra asks her what is your rate?he says every person has a rate so what is the rate of yours?

Maya remembers a sight of someone throwing a lot of money on her. Rudra gives her a blank cheque and Maya wrote something on it and Rudra checks it and sees it is “three days” and Maya says I want to check if you are capable of the chance you are asking from me. Rudra says if you asked for my life, I will not hesitate a bit and asks her for a handshake. Maya noticed the bracelet in his hand and says first let us make a relationship then we will shake hands. Rudra says this time you will initiate and this is a promise from my side and Maya left without answering.

Precap – Maya meets Rishi and she pours hot coffee on her hand, Rudra says to Ananya that psycho Maya has psycho ways to check people.

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