Beyhadh 2 4th February 2020 Written Update: Rudra and Maya get married

The episode starts withMaya crying while trying to wake Rudra up. She tells him that she loves him and asks him not to leave her alone. Some men come there.

With their help, Maya takes Rudra at the hospital. She asks the nurse to call the doctor. He asks him to fill the forms first but Maya threatens the nurse with a knife asking him to call the doctor first.

Later Maya looks at Rudra who is being treated inside the ward through the window. She lies with her back against the wall and breaks down on her knees. She recalls pushing Rudra in water and his words too. She prays to God for save her Rudra and keeps saying that again and again. The nurse comes and asks her to go to the patient. She immediately rushes into the ward and sees Rudra lying unconscious on the bed but thankfully his heart is beating as shown on machine. Maya recalls their moments while “O Saiyaan” plays. She is about to touch Rudra’s forehead but suddenly she has a flash from bas of someone slapping her. She backs off thinking that Rudra can’t make her weak and his love can’t snatch the revenge she is waiting for since the past ten years. Maya thinks that she can’t let him burn in the fire that has turned her soul black.

Maya goes out of the wards and gives the nurse a number asking him to call there and tell that their son is fine. The nurse asks Maya what relation she has with the patient and she leaves replying none.

Maya comes in Shiv Ji’s temple and asks him why Rudra wasn’t in her life before when she seeked love, she asks why he is showing her light now, why he is showing her the path of love now that she has reached the destination of hatred. She cries thinking that she loves Rudra a lot, more than her life, so much that now she wants to live but she doesn’t love her more than her revenge and she doesn’t even want him to burn in the fire of her revenge. She thinks that now they have to get separated. Pooja starts and Maya decides that the time to destroy everything, MJ especially has come.

The next morning Maya starts the car to leave but has to stop it as Rudra comes in front of it. He blames her for running away again. Rudra opens the door of her car and says that the more she will try to go far from him the more he will come closer. Maya asks him to let her go but he grabs her hand and drags her with him.

Rudra brings Maya in front of Shiv Ji’s idol and tells him that he loves her and he knows that she loves him as well. Maya denies that but he cups her face and says that she is lying. Maya stammers while trying to deny that. Rudra leaves her and asks her that if she doesn’t love him then why her heartbeat is increasing and why she saved him. He says that he heard whatever she said and also what she didn’t say. He recalls Maya confessing him that she loves him. Rudra cups Maya’s face and kisses her forehead. Beyhadh title track plays. He reminds her that she had said that paths which are walked unknowingly are right and now her path has brought her in his arms. Maya tries leaving but Rudra grabs her hand and pulls her towards him. Maya says that she doesn’t love her but he doesn’t let her go and says that he didn’t hold her hand to leave. He says that his life is hers now onwards. He grabs a red chunri placed nearby and says that he learnt from her only that if they love someone they should color her/him in such a deep color that even black color fades in front of it. He covers Maya’s head with the red chunri. Rudra says that today he will color her with his love colors and his love will be the only bond she will have which will always remain with her. He leaves on her the decision to make the first step towards their relationship.

Maya lights up the fire of the mandap placed in front of Shiv Ji’s idol and forwards a hand towards Rudra who holds it. They look at each other smiling. The marriage mantra plays. Rudra promises Maya that nobody will come between them while she promises him that she will trust him before herself and the darkness of her life won’t defeat his light. Rudra promises that he will stay with her till the last breath. She covers his mouth with her hand when he says that. She walks in front of Rudra for the remaining vows and promises him to protect his love until she is alive and when death will come there will be his name on her lips and his face in her eyes. He promises him to share her emotion be it love or hatred. Maya looks at her and promises him to fulfill all the vows. They hug and Maya thinks that she will also fulfill her promise to destroy MJ and his love will be her strength. She looks at Rudra and says that she loves him. Rudra wipes her tear and replies that he loves her too. Maya smiles as their wedding happened and asksRudra to make a promise to her as a wedding gift and that will be the only thing she will ask him in life. Rudra accepts and Maya smiles.

Episode ends

Precap: Rudra comes back home and tells his family that he got married to Maya in Rishikesh. Maya comes inside and MJ gets shocked and angry seeing her. Maya and Rudra take blessings from MJ who clenches his fists in rage.