Beyhadh 2: 5 reasons on why Rudra should forgive Maya

Sony Tv’s show is currently witnessing a high voltage drama. Apparently Maya has lost her memory and is under the clutches of Vikram who had saved her in the past from the brutal attacks of MJ. Rishi’s death revelation has made Rudra against Maya and is supporting his dad MJ. Here are 5 reasons on why Rudra should forgive Maya.

1. Rudra should know Maya’s past.

Rudra is not aware of Maya and her past entirely. He is just aware that Maya has killed Rishi but doesn’t know the entire reason of why Maya killed Rishi. He is not aware of the tortures given by MJ to Maya and cause of him Maya had to lose her child. He needs to find out the real truth of Maya and her past.

2. Maya’s terrifying past.

Rudra needs to know that how cunningly MJ made Maya fall in his love trap just to satisfy his male ego. He needs to know how Maya was brutally tortured and was forced to abort her baby. When she declined to do so MJ tried to kill her. Maya took the revenge on MJ by killing his child Rishi was just the counter on MJ killing Maya’s child. However, killing an innocent life cannot be forgiven as Rishi was Rudra’s brother but he needs to understand the other story of the coin too.

3.Rudra’s promise to Maya.

Rudra had promised Maya during their wedding that from that day his happiness will be of Maya and Maya’s hate will be his. However, this doesn’t justify him to support Maya in her revenge but Rudra always fulfills his promises and thus he can at least forgive  Maya.

4.Rudra’s love for Maya.

Rudra loves Maya limitlessly and he cannot live without her presence. He can feel Maya’s presence even if they are not together. Maya is his strength, his support and he cannot loosen the bond between them. It’s not completely justified that he can forgive Maya but he won’t be able to live without Maya.

5. A start to a better life.

Everyone deserves a chance to recorrect their mistakes and forget their past. Rudra and Maya’s love for each other is so strong that they can give themselves a new chance to a better life. Everyone deserves a second chance. Love can be their strength to live a happy life from thereon.

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