Beyhadh 2: Maya and Rajiv determinated to destroy the Roys

Sony Entertainment Television one of the most popular daily shows Beyhadh has come back with a second season and has been keeping the audience entertained right from its initial episodes with its interesting storyline and major twists. Beyhadh 2 is now set to show another major twist in the story. As per current track Maya has attended MJ’s party where she manipulated Antara and also pushed her into a bath tub with no intention to kill her yet. Her only purpose was to create drama in front of the media that came to the party. Another person who attended the grand party given by MJ was Rajiv Chandra who introduced himself to MJ as the investor who put money in Rudra’s company. Later it was revealed that Rajiv is associated with Maya and is her secret friend who has been supporting her in each step.

In the upcoming episode Rajiv will be seen saying to Maya that their planning of 8 years is infallible: nobody, according to him, can defeat them. On the other hand Ananya will show Rajiv’s photo to Rudra and saying that there is surely a connection between him and Maya. The latter is set to take the next step of her revenge saga by snatching Rishi from his family. She will be seen doing battle rope exercise and then choking Rishi with the same rope.

Well it seems that there is another huge drama awaiting the viewers. We have seen that Maya has already put in danger Rishi, Rudra and Antara’s life but she has never killed anybody. Is she going to really kill Rishi this time? Will Maya and Rajiv’s plans get successful or will Rudra and Ananya come to know about their connection and discover their plans against the Roys? Stay tuned for more updates and keep watching the show.