Beyhadh 2: Mrityunjay develops a doubt about the incidents happened to his sons

Sony Tv’s one of the most popular shows “Beyhadh 2” hit the floors already. Within two days of its premier the show is already making it to the headlines for its intense storyline and fabulous casting and performance. Maya is back and this time as a bestselling writer. She writes stories of the life of people whose fate is decided by her. Maya had already made an entry in the lives of Roy families young generation and currently she is in process to tighten her grip on them slowly.

In the last episode we met the two darling brothers Rishi and Rudra and have seen how those two are indirectly getting attracted towards Maya even without them realising it. She has her eyes set on them 24/7 hence their moves are completely controlled and to some extent directed by her. While Rishi is going mad behind her and her beauty without knowing anything about her as a person in details, Rudra have developed a certain amount of disliking towards her. However the last episode had featured both of them meets Maya again and they had two completely opposite ideas about her.

In the upcoming episodes of the show, Mrityunjay who is disturbed with the incident that took place with both of his sons. He is just not finding it normal that Rishi falls into the water for no reason. While on the other hand the wounds of Rudra in his training classes is also bothering him. MJ will appoint his own sources to find out who is behind his kids and why.

While on the other hand, Rudra game attempt to strike a deal with Maya and ask what is the rate of her as a person? Maya will give him a paper. Now it will be interesting to see what Maya has written on that paper? For more updates about your show keep watching this space.