Beyhadh 2 Written update 10th December 2019: Maya refused the proposal of Rishi

Episode begins with Maya gets up from her table and comes near the Krishna statue and says people who walked the path of justice shouldn’t get diverted from the aim and those who gets diverted has no goal at all. Rishi calls Maya and asks if you are okay as there is a fire in your building. Maya says I am alive and wants to meet you. Yuvi and Ananya are talking to each other about Maya and Ananya says we want investors and investors want Maya.

Rudra saya one day she will take my life for sure. Rishi comes to meet Maya and asks if she is okay or not? Maya says you are worried for me and that is why you run away from the place. Rishi says someone gives you wrong news and that is why I am here to ask your whereabouts. Rishi says I start to feel otherwise about you but Maya refuses to wear the bracelet and runs away from there. Rishi comes home heartbroken while Rudra feels happy that he is almost done. Rudra advised Rishi not to touch a girl without her consent. Rudra also says to Rishi that don’t go to your father for every little things instead try to solve them yourself as you are an adult now. MJ and his mother are discussing with each other when she says keep an eye on Rishi and Rudra before it’s too late. She says I don’t want them to become like you MJ, MJ asks her becoming like me is bad?? She says what you have become is surely bad.

Something comes in the memory of Rudra and he says the less he knows about your relationship then it is for your better good. Maya makes cupcakes and is very happy. Her mother says smile and glow in the eyes is a proof that you may be in love with someone. Maya says after love the sea of hatred grabs you totally and now after ruining everything for once and all I will be at peace. Ananya calls Rudra and asks to open the door as there is a surprise for him, he receives a cake from Ananya and she is about to say him I love you but before she can complete Rudra receives the call of Maya.

Rudra says Maya is calling me so maybe she has something important to tell now. Maya says maybe I came between some important work of yours, Rudra says you are used to that already and Maya says do reach the place next morning at 6 am and I am texting you the details. Next morning, Maya and Rudra meet with each other at a fight club and Maya says so today’s deal is named after pain. Maya says you have to be active in the match till 4:44 mins and if you give up before that then you loose. Rudra says why such a time? Maya says nothing and says lets start the match.

Precap – The fighter is beating Rudra so much and he is bleeding and Maya is reminding the time someone beats her mercilessly. Rudra says I will prefer to die rather than giving up.