Beyhadh 2 Written update 11th December 2019: Maya meets Rudra in his office as an investor

Episode begins with the fight has started between Rudra and Maya in the club and Rudra has taken the lead but soon the fighter starts to beat Rudra back and Maya is watching them and Rudra reminds of the challenge of Maya and also his promise to himself to save his company. He sees the clock and stands up and gets beaten by the fighter. With every hit of Rudra Maya reminds of the abuse happened to her with Rudra being abused by the fighter. Maya stopped the fight before 10 seconds of the given time and asks Rudra I just want to see your desperation for me, I want to see how far you can go for me? Rudra says I did what I promised to you and he gets a call from Ananya that Maya’s manager tweeted that Maya has signed by Ruan publication. He checked the tweet and looked at Maya and realises she already said yes. Rudra says you never ever becomes an easy deal for me. He comes to the office while Ananya comes to meet MJ, Rudra gets shocked to see Maya is in his office. He asked her to enter his office with his due permission from next time. Maya says Mr. Roy I am here as I am your investor and Rudra gets shocked. Maya says I invested my money in your company and now I am your boss and you are my employee so now you will knock at the door before entering the office. Rudra checks the contract papers and he says to Maya I am not someone who lives on my father’s money but on my self respect. He put the contract papers in the shredder machine and says neither I need your writing nor your investment in my company. Maya says soon I am going to become your biggest necessity of life whom you will want more than yourself.

Ananya is not ready to share with MJ about the investors and Ananya says I am not able to share any such information with you as Rudra doesn’t want this. Ananya says I am checking the background properly for the investors. MJ smiles to her but he gets on a call immediately to find out about it in an alternative way. Rudra is about to sit in the car and Maya comes behind him and says I want to check your loyalty, passion, commitment. I just wanted to check your interest and passion and Rudra gets affected by her presence. Maya says to Rudra I will not force you at all but if you want to win then collaborate with me and walks away from there. Maya says you are trapped in my plan and you have no choices left. So say yes and I will proceed with this game plan.

Precap – Rudra says Maya doesn’t want to come before anyone, Ananya says we are so dead as press and media is waiting for Maya outside of our office.