Beyhadh 2 Written Update 27th December 2019: Maya reveals her past to Rudra

The episode starts with Rudra getting shocked seeing Maya in the office. Maya tells him that Manas will not ever pick up any call or call back. Rudra says that he was just trying to make her brother talk with her mother. Maya asks him how she can tell her mother that her father and brother died in an accident on 4th April 2011. She says that a big car of a big personality killed her father and brother and everything changed after that day which she will never forget. Their life changed, she changed.

Rudra gets teary eyes. Maya says that she is been lying to her mother and is scared that she might get to know the truth, that’s why she made a small world for herself and her mother in a small world where there is no space for anybody else. She leaves and hits Ananya’s shoulder who was coming inside. Ananya asks Rudra what happened to Maya. Rudra says that he made a big mistake.

After a while Maya is in her room. She calls Manas and hears his voice mail again. Rajiv comes and asks her if Rudra believed her fake story. She says that she has understood Rudra and knows that there is pain hidden in his heart so he can understand others’ pain. She receives Rishi’s call and tells him that she is feeling weak since she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Rishi says that he is coming. Maya cuts the call and asks Rajiv to take her mother to mandir. He asks her about the bodyguard and she doesn’t reply him so he just leaves saying that only Maya can understand herself. Maya calls Manas again and opens a safe. There is Manas’ mobile there where “Didi” is flashing since Maya is calling. Maya says that every story is fake but characters are real.

Rishi’s friend tries to stop him from going to Maya but he doesn’t listen to him and goes. Rudra recalls Maya’s words. Ananya tries to cheer him up and says that he is over reacting since Maya is not even her girlfriend. She asks him if he loves her. Rudra denies and Ananya says that he shouldn’t even think about someone else except her. He says that he knows everything about her so doesn’t need to think about her. Rudra tells Ananya that he saw the real Maya for the first time today. Ananya mocks him. He snatches ice cream from her but she makes him swear on Maya to take her ice cream back. He gives her the ice cream back and she thanks Maya.

Rishi visits Maya who is lying on the bed. Rishi asks him to eat something and promises her that he will surely earn something. He holds her hand and she has some flashes from past. Maya says that she knows he cannot lie to her. Rishi starts coming closer to her face to kiss her but Maya slaps him. He glares at her shocked and asks her what wrong he has done since they are dating and she also wants to marry him so he has right to kiss her. He asks her why she wants to marry him if she feels that everything he does is wrong. Maya leaves and comes back with a bottle of alcohol. She starts drinking it. Rishi is confused.

Maya steps towards him, glares at him and then drops all the alcohol on the ground around her bed. Maya sits on the bed and asks Rishi to come to her if he wants Maya. He smiles and starts walking towards her. Just then Maya lights up a lighter and throws it on the alcohol on the ground. Her bed gets surrounded by fire. Rishi asks him to move away from there. Maya says that he got scared by such a little fire and tells him that she gets burnt like this whenever someone touches her since she remembers the infidelity she had to face. She cries and begs him to help her to trust people again. Rishi goes to take the fire extinguisher and turns off the fire. He falls on his knees and tells Maya that he loves her and won’t ever break her trust. He says that he has never seen such a passionate lover like her. Maya smirks.

The next morning Maya is doing jogging and recalls what her mother the last day and how Rudra tried tracing her father and brother. She comes back home where her mother asks her not to fire the bodyguard since she insisted to go to her office. Maya has appointed three new bodyguards and Rajiv tells them that they should not listen to Nandini if she tries to emotionally blackmail them. Nandini gets angry and leaves.

Maya says that her mother is her weakness and if her enemies see her weakness then she will surely lose but she can’t lose this fight. Rajiv says that he is with her so they won’t lose but her mother hates him now. Maya says that her mother can’t hate anybody while she can’t love anybody.(Episode ends)

Precap: Maya and Rudra falls on the photocopier. Ananya comes there and is shocked to see them close. Rishi comes there too. Rudra hugs him and Rishi sees Maya standing behind him. He wonders what game is Maya playing.