Beyhadh 2 Written Update 6th December 2019: The three day challenge of Maya and Rudra begans

Episode begins with Rishi and Rudra are talking with each other in their bedroom and Rudra says you are my brother and almost like a kid to me. Rudra says to Rishi you are choosing women kind of bracelet but if you like it then I will not mind. Rudra says to Rishi Ananya is like my best friend and I won’t love her. Rishi says she is such a nice girl and why you are not loving her? Rishi says if there is anyone else? Rudra reminds of someone and then says to Rishi yes and says I love you Rishi and he runs behind Rishi and Rishi is trying to save himself.

Maya on the other hand writes on the paper that memories are so weird and my memories are my obsession and with this obsession I will write a new story of Rudra and Rishi which people will hesitate to remember. In the morning, Ananya comes to meet Rudra to wish him good luck, MJ is trying to extract the name from her but somehow covers up. the family had some conversation on the table Rudra comes to meet Maya and says I knew she is psycho and he is about to take up call but Maya took his phone and dropped it in the water. Rudra says I am not here to tolerate your bad habits. Maya says you can go, then it is your choice at last. Rudra is about to leave but Maya stops him somehow while Ananya is trying to reach him out. Maya gives Rudra a challenge to sell out the fish of costs Rs. 3000 and says at least you have to give sell of at least 5 fishes from it. Rudra says I am good at selling books not fish. Rudra used his intelligence and sells the two fish worth of Rs. 3000 and then he actually made double profit from the tub of fish. He sells out all the fish from the basket and made so much of money but somehow someone is recording the whole processing of selling out fish. Rudra suddenly sees Maya in the fisherwoman saree and thinks if she even comes in nightmare also in dresscode?

MJ calls Amir and says I need report of Rudra and his every movement and Rudra comes to the car of Maya and gives her the money and says this is much more than your expectations and Maya says this is less than my necessity. She leaves in the car while splashing mud on his shirt. MJ and his family is having lunch at house when they see a news of Rudra is selling fish at fish market and collecting money. While all are terrified with the thought of MJ’s reaction, he was calm and Rudra entered the house when MJ taunts him with the name of fish, Rudra gets triggered with it and ends up shouting at MJ. Rudra comes to MJ and says I want to forget that from where I belong and whose son I am. You hold no right on me and whatever I do is none of your business and Netra asks him to behave himself but he says you binded me in your promise, free me and I will leave this house right now and goes inside. The news is speaking rubbish and Maya gets the news from someone that the news of Rudra is viral now. MJ says Rishi is saying lie to me and another son of mine is at the fish market. Maya says those are stupid people who do things in a hope of getting something in return. MJ says someone is making my sons do things and I need to find out who?

Precap : Rudra says I know someday she will kill me for sure, Rudra and Maya again comes face to face in the swing class. Maya and Rudra are at a construction site and she is about to fall and Rudra runs to save her.